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ATPCO has been a trusted provider of airline filing and data services for 50 years. ATP emerged as an independent company on 1 January 1965 after having been the Tariff Department of the Air Transport Association of America (ATA) for more than 20 years. In a reorganization in 1975, ATPCO was given its current name: Airline Tariff Publishing Company.


1945 - Air Traffic Conference of America was founded; produced filed passenger tariffs.
1947 - Air Cargo Incorporated founded; produced filed air freight tariffs.
1958 - Air Cargo tariffs are consolidated into the Air Traffic Conference of the Air Transport Association of America (ATA).
1965 - Airline Tariff Publishers, Inc. (ATP) is founded from Air Traffic Conference and divested from the ATA.
1969 - ATP buys its first IBM mainframe computer to process fare data.
1974 - ATP reorganizes as Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) with expanded capabilities and responsibilities and moves into headquarters at Dulles International Airport.
1979 - ATPCO publishes non-US airline fares and rules.
1981 - ATPCO offers the first automated rules system.
1982 - ATPCO offers first electronic data subscriptions for our fares and rules.
1987 - ATPCO opens its London office.
1989 - ATPCO submits the first electronic fare filing to the US Department of Transportation.
1997 - ATPCO opens an office in Singapore.
1998 - ATPCO opens its São Paulo office.
1999 - ATPCO automates ticket reissues.
2000 - ATPCO automates the processing of negotiated fares.
2001 - ATPCO begins offering First & Final™ Interline Settlement.
2004 - ATPCO unveils the new FareManager.
2005 - ATPCO automates the processing of service fees.
2008 - ATPCO transforms the Fares system.
2009 - ATPCO creates the industry-standard Branded Fares product, launches the Rules Upload and FareMaster products, and exceeds 100 million fares on its database.
2010 - ATPCO increases international subscription frequency to hourly; IATA selects the ATPCO data standard as the implementation method for its new baggage rules.
2011 - ATPCO transforms the Rules system, automates baggage allowance and charges data,  launches the Baggage Calculator (Online and Integrated),and creates the Tax Collection & Distribution product.