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Airline and System Resources

More than 370 airlines have filed their baggage policies in ATPCO’s Baggage Allowance and Charges, making it the industry’s single most comprehensive source of baggage information.  If your airline has not yet filed its baggage rules with us, get started today.

Would you like to learn more about ATPCO’s baggage solutions and how they can help you comply with IATA Resolution 302 and the US Department of Transportation requirements for disclosing baggage fees to all passengers? The below resources will provide you with an overview of ATPCO’s Baggage Allowance and Charges and Baggage Calculators, and will help you understand the government and industry requirements for determining whose baggage rules apply on interline and codeshare journeys.



Optional Services Supporting Processes

A review of the existing Optional Services infrastructure and how it will be used to support the processing of baggage data

Five Facts You Need to Know About Baggage An overview of the US Department of Transportation's baggage disclosure requirements that went into effect on 24 January 2012
Baggage Calculator Online User Guide A training manual that explains how to use the Baggage Calculator Online

Additional reference materials are available in the ATPCO Customer Center (customer login required).