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Baggage Calculator Integrated

ATPCO’s Baggage Calculator Integrated is a dynamic XML-based Web service that your airline can connect with its pricing, reservations, and departure control systems. It provides you with 24/7 access to critical baggage allowance and charges information and supports IATA Resolution 302, which goes into effect on 1 April 2011. With Baggage Calculator Integrated, you can access real-time and definitive baggage data quickly, accurately, and easily, all through a simple XML-based request-and-response model.

How it works

First, your pricing, departure control or reservation system establishes a connection to ATPCO’s Baggage Calculator Integrated. Once that link is made, all requests for baggage information follow a simple four-step process:

  1. From your system, you submit your passenger’s complete itinerary details, identifying checked portions, operating and marketing carriers for each sector, and the direction of travel, among other details, to Baggage Calculator Integrated.
  2. After reviewing the itinerary, Baggage Calculator Integrated identifies the applicable baggage rules, following regulations set by the US Department of Transportation, IATA Resolution 302, and individual carriers and their partners.
  3. Using airline bag policies loaded into the Baggage Allowance and Charges database, Baggage Calculator Integrated then determines what baggage is allowed on the journey.
  4. Baggage Calculator Integrated then calculates any applicable baggage charges if your passenger has excess or oversized bags or any special items, like sporting equipment.

Once those four steps are completed, Baggage Calculator Integrated returns the requested baggage information, such as allowed bags and the amount included or excess, to you. For more details, read the Baggage Calculator Integrated Overview (PDF).


Reports indicate that up to 20 percent of an airline’s revenues come from ancillary fees such as those for checked luggage. Baggage Calculator Integrated helps you maximize your ancillary revenues and comply with industry regulations.

Protect your revenues

  • Ensure your baggage fees are always collected correctly on interline journeys
  • Avoid costly debit memos and potential revenue losses by making sure your agents always assess the right fees for your interline and alliance partners
  • Improve baggage tickets audits for correct pricing and interline settlement by providing your revenue accounting staff with access to valid and real-time baggage information for all your partners
  • Review baggage trends and policies to make sure you set and maintain a competitive baggage policy

Comply with regulations

  • Supports both IATA Resolution 302 and US Department of Transportation reservations
  • Meets the requirements of IATA Resolution 302 by establishing your baggage rates and making that information available to passengers at all touch points
  • Adheres to the US Department of Transportation reservations, which further regulate baggage policies for travel to and from the United States
  • XML-based request-and-response process
  • Real-time electronic transmission of baggage offerings; applicable free baggage allowance; and related fees for excess, overweight, oversized, or specialty items
  • Data supplied by ATPCO’s Baggage Allowance and Charges, the industry’s single source for interline baggage policies
Developer requirements

ATPCO will provide all Baggage Calculator Integrated customers with Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) developer capabilities with Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) developer documentation to support XML message development and product implementation.

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