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Branded Fares

Grouping fares by fare families, fare types, or other criteria has always been one of the key components of the ATPCO data supply. Branded Fares is the latest evolution of that data organization to provide both the flexibility and reference points within the data to support ancillary revenue development (that is, Optional Services). Branded Fares provides pricing standards worldwide and helps you to differentiate your fare programs and go beyond the constraints of your own Web site. Branded Fares can be used in all distribution channels to effectively create brand loyalty and up-sell opportunities.


  • Provides flexibility, allowing you to differentiate fares and services as needed
  • Applies approved industry solutions that create standardized proceeding within pricing systems, which reduces GDS development time and cost for one-off individual solutions
  • Allows you to create groupings that mask fare complexity, producing better product recognition and yield potential
  • Supports product segmentation, increasing yield by providing the potential to sell the right product to the right customer
  • Allows product transparency to support brand recognition and loyalty, giving you the edge over your competitors and increased bookings
  • Presents an extensible solution to satisfy long-term goals for airlines

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Branded Fares is accessed through FareManager and can integrate with Optional Services for fare product groupings and definitions.