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Constructed Fares

Constructed fares, or unpublished fares, are used by the travel industry to create fares between two locations without having to publish each combination of cities for which an airline wishes to have fares. The records are created by combining a published gateway fare with an add-on (also known as an arbitrary). All public tariffs, private tariffs, and negotiated fares that are supported by add-ons may be constructed. ATPCO can distribute the fare and add-on records to GDSs and CRSs or construct the fare and add-on and distribute the constructed fare in subscriptions.


  • Construct specific fare codes, city pairs, country pairs, and tariffs
  • Ensure accuracy by sending changed constructed data to multiple organizations nightly or weekly as part of their subscription transmissions
  • Run programs against the constructed database to create batches of transactions for analysis or for updating your own files
  • Fares are available in the Fares system for inquiry of carriers’ public constructed data

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