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Customer Service

Customer Service works closely with you to help increase your productivity. ATPCO offers both full- and self-service approaches to data collection, and we also provide accurate data entry, timely distribution, quality assurance through auditing, coding support, problem resolution, training, and outstanding customer service.

ATPCO has three fully operational Customer Service offices in Washington, London, and Singapore providing data input and support services to our customers. All staff are fluent in English (many are bi- or multi-lingual) and are experts on topics outside the normal realm of fares and rules. Our specific service offerings are focused on helping our customers successfully implement pricing changes into the marketplace accurately and quickly.

Input Services

The Customer Service input team offers accurate and timely service to customers who choose to use ATPCO’s skilled staff to enter their fare and fare-related data.

Customer Support Services

We can answer your questions about the functions of ATPCO applications and can assist with data distribution or data not pricing correctly in GDSs and CRSs.

Specialized Services

Inaccurate fare data can significantly affect your organization's revenue. To help you minimize lost revenue, Customer Service offers specialized audit services to ensure the accuracy of your data, regardless of who enters it. We can also assist with special projects, including labor-intensive mass updates and data analysis.

Consulting Services

No matter what your organization needs, our Consulting team can help you take advantage of all that ATPCO products have to offer. We offer a variety of customizable services, including on-site business evaluations and assessments of data and performance. You can also request pre- and post-training consulting engagements to teach your staff how to leverage the knowledge and skills gained during ATPCO training.