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Fare By Rule

Fare By Rule provides a wide range of fare-building tools in industry pricing systems. You can create fares for many popular programs, including percentage discount corporate fares, zonal fares, and minimum/maximum fares using current fares and rules as part of the process.


  • Dynamically generates new fares in automated pricing systems by using a carrier’s existing fares and rules as a base
  • Allows user-defined geographic zones that fit your individual market structure
  • Gives you complete control over which organizations receive this private data
  • Permits maximum accurate fare creation with minimal data upkeep and storage
  • Provides full translated text that assists audits and analysis

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ATPCO offers different options for your private fares that facilitate accurate and timely pricing of your corporate programs, discount fares, and fares requiring restricted distribution and access. ATPCO houses more than 62 million private industry fares. The Automated Rules categories—Negotiated Fares, Private Fares, and Fare By Rule—that contain private fares data are some of the most actively used categories at ATPCO.  Fare By Rule is used in conjunction with:

You can access this product through FareManager.