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Frequently Asked Questions

Why automate tax data?

Our customers have told us that they need a standardized product because tax data currently requires significant resources and staff time to input and maintain the data. Tax data is collected from several disparate sources, including IATA TTBS (Ticket Tax Box Service), other industry organizations, and national carriers, which complicates the collection and distribution process. The diverse input of the data can lead to inconsistency, and the time in which this data reaches the marketplace for tax pricing varies by pricing system.

Why is ATPCO involved?

ATPCO is known for the efficient collection and distribution of high volumes of data, giving
us the industry reputation and the technical background to take the leading role on this project. Our work in developing standard solutions has strengthened our professional relationships across the industry. In addition to our experience in fare and rule data, we have also implemented industry solutions for PFC and Segment Fee Data, Sales Data, and Interline Settlement.

What is the high-level collection process?

ATPCO and IATA have collaborated to implement a workable solution for tax data. IATA will be responsible for itinerary tax data collection, will work with governments and carriers to interpret taxation requirements, and will supply ATPCO with generic tax data. Our assumption is that carriers will opt in to receive the IATA-supplied generic data and add their own exceptions. For service fee taxes, carriers must source tax data to be applied to service fees filed with ATPCO. The ATPCO record X1 will be the primary data source for both itinerary and service fee tax data.

Can ATPCO’s systems handle tax data for services?

ATPCO has the infrastructure for the following services to be instructed to pricing systems: Carrier-Imposed (YQ/YR) Fees, Ticketing Fees, Optional Services, and Baggage. Currently there is no source for tax data on these services and IATA will not provide this data.

Will ATPCO develop a product for Service Fees Taxes?

We believe that service fees taxes will be slower to mature because not many markets for these fees exist yet, and most examples received to date are the same as itinerary taxes. A process exists for carrier instruction by signing ATPCO’s standard databank agreement. Later, more general instructing guidelines and systems will be developed. We have begun conversations with the ATA and carriers and continue to request examples from the industry as service fees become more prevalent.