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Rules Upload

Rules Upload provides carriers and systems an automated method for uploading rule provisions to ATPCO for distribution. Airlines can monitor the progress of their uploads and release their data for distribution with the database successfully updated.

Carriers and systems can build fare rules with data from Records 1, 2, and 8; find and attach appropriate Record 3 table numbers; and transmit these rules to ATPCO in an agreed-upon format. ATPCO then applies these rules to the database.


  • Offers a simpler way to institute many rule changes at one time
  • Efficiently reuses data already present in our database, saving you time
  • Automatically checks whether provisions you are creating already exist
  • Transmits Fare Class Application (Record 1), Sequence List (Record 2), and Fare By Rule Index (Record 8)
  • Enables decision support systems (DSS) to integrate with ATPCO