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Service Fees

ATPCO’s Service Fees suite of products automates and centralizes the collection of ancillary fees for a wide range of secondary charges and services. Service Fees will help you recoup and gain new sources of revenue. With Service Fees, you are in total control of your fee structure and the conditions under which collections are made, and you have a centralized distribution method to get your service fees into the collection process quickly.

Carrier-Imposed Fees

The Carrier-Imposed Fees solution provides marketing carriers (carriers that appear on the flight coupon) the ability to control and collect fees at the sector (coupon), at the portion of travel (multiple sectors), or on the journey.

Ticketing Fees

Ticketing Fees data provides a standard process to instruct pricing systems on how to collect ticketing and credit card service fees on a carrier’s behalf when they are the ticketing or “validating” carrier. This product supports both public and private distribution needs and provides options to define fees by passenger type, journey, fare basis, and date.

Optional Services

Optional Services supports automated pricing of a wide range of products from traditional in-flight amenities such as meals and entertainment to a variety of pre- and post-flight options including the sale of merchandise. It also supports options to prepay change and refund penalties at a reduced rate. The design incorporates many of the data elements available in our Automated Rules product to allow carriers to synchronize and align service options with their fare structures in all markets.

Industry Sub Code Listing

Baggage Allowance and Charges

Baggage Allowance and Charges is a centralized database of baggage rules that serves as the industry standard solution for compiling and distributing baggage information. It enables airlines to publish their free baggage provisions, excess baggage charges, and fees for oversized items in all sales channels.

Branded Fares

Working with airlines and GDSs, ATPCO created the Branded Fares product that provides pricing standards worldwide and helps you to differentiate your fare programs and go beyond the constraints of your own Web site.


  • Ability to update your own data gives you control over the integrity of the data and faster turnaround for updates
  • Multiple distributions per day allow faster time to market
  • Increased revenue through the elimination of miscalculated and missed fees
  • Control of fuel and carrier-imposed fees beyond the constraints of the Surcharges application in Automated Rules
  • Automated collection and distribution of credit card and ticketing channel fees to recover the high costs associated with providing ticketing services to passengers
  • Automated collection and distribution of supplementary services that allow for the establishment of a fee structure that will provide additional sources of revenue
  • Product segmentation and transparency, increasing yield by supporting brand loyalty and by providing the potential to sell the right product to the right customer