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Airline Profile

Airlines today manage the distribution of their content (fares and rules) with traditional methods through ATPCO. The emerging New Distribution Capability enables airlines to receive requests for offers directly from aggregators and sellers, so they can present consumers with customized offerings and value-added ancillary services. With this increased demand for data, airlines can become overwhelmed with the volume of extraneous messages, placing an undue burden on resources. There is a need to control who can make a direct request to the airlines and who has to go through the more traditional method.

Airline Profile represents the only industry-recognized source for controlling NDC requests. Airlines receive the requests they want, while shopping systems are able to be efficient in their queries to airlines.


  • Ensure airlines get the requests they want
  • Ensure systems get the responses they need
  • Proactively establish whether an airline is NDC-capable for fares and services
  • Communicate services that are available to systems making requests for offers
  • Dramatically reduce the number of transactions that an airline does not desire


Airlines indicate whether they are NDC-capable for Fares, Services (bags, seats, etc.), or both, based on

  • Markets (Region, Country, State, City, Airport)
  • Points of Sale (Location, Travel Agency, Carrier, GDS, or Specific Point of Sale)

Airlines will maintain their profile parameters in a centralized database with ATPCO. Airline Profile data is then distributed to subscribers, who use the data to update an internal profile database that can be checked to determine whether to generate NDC shopping requests to airlines. 

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