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Automated Rules and Footnotes Products

The Automated Rules and Footnotes Products provide all the elements of fare rules, footnotes, and general rules that apply to the pricing of a passenger itinerary. This comprehensive data powers pricing, accounting, and decision support systems all over the world and is distributed daily, as often as every hour.

ATPCO offers three Automated Rules subscription products for each area of geographic coverage (US/CA, International, and AllFares):

  • Bits and bytes format
  • Full text format
  • Abbreviated text format


  • Maintains rule changes in an easily accessible database
  • Permits a CRS or GDS to load its pricing rule data tables automatically and without significant human intervention, thereby allowing new fares to be sold in the marketplace in the shortest possible time
  • Includes reservation booking designators
  • Includes automated reissues (Voluntary Changes and Voluntary Refunds) data

Click here to see a list of current Fare Type Codes.

Product Package

The following products increase the usefulness and efficiency of Automated Rules:

Automated Rules Products are available in Basic, Limited, and Carrier’s Web Site service options.