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Construction Data Tables

The Construction Data Tables are supplementary products you can use to dynamically construct  unpublished fares. These six support tables allow you to create unpublished fares by combining add-ons with point-to-point fares. ATPCO performs the daily maintenance to keep these tables current so individual airlines do not have to maintain their own versions of this data.

P02: The published fare classes within tariff and carrier, tagged to indicate the allowable add-on fare class combinations.

P04: The zone numbers combinable with the given tariff, carrier, and city.

P05: The generic add-ons within tariff and carrier, designated by five or six asterisks followed by the combinable fare classes.

P06: A translation of an add-on zone into the countries to which the zone applies.

PI1: The currency conversion formulas required by the IATA currency system.

PI2: The local currency conversion formulas converted to USD for those countries where the local selling fare is published in USD.

P02, P04, P05, and P06 are available as either all-adds or change files. The PI1 and PI2 products are sent in their entirety. You can, however, adjust the range of data you receive by selecting record type, tariff, and carrier.

Product Package

Construction Data Tables is a supplementary subscription that supports the international fare and rule products. It is available in Basic, Limited, and Carrier’s Web Site service options.