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Directory Information Products

ATPCO offers four directory information products: G16, G17, G20, and CCF. The cost to subscribe to one product, some products, or all products is the same. ATPCO performs the daily maintenance to keep these tables current so airlines do not have to maintain their own versions of this data.

Tariff Translation File (G16)

This tariff cross-reference product shows the relationships among the ATPCO fares, rules, and routings tariffs. It is sent to subscribers in its entirety only when a change in the data occurs.

Industry Zone/Country/State/Global Codes (G20)

This is a description of the Zone/Country/State/Global areas. This data is provided for all fares services.

Industry Country/State/City Codes (G17)

This is a table of Country/State/City codes for domestic US/CA and international country, state (where applicable), and city code data.

Reference Data Product (CCF)

This product informs subscribers of any new carrier codes, city codes, fare class codes, and multi-airport city codes. Subscribers need to validate new data before loading ATPCO’s fare, rule, and routing subscription files that use this product.

Product Package

These five products are supplementary subscriptions that support the major fare and rule products. You may purchase them as a bundle or separately for the same price, and they are available in Basic, Limited, and Carrier’s Web Site service options.