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Published Fares Subscriptions (International and AllFares)

Published Fares are the primary components in an international fares database. Our Published International Fares Subscriptions provide fares that are specified by an airline between origin and destination, and unspecified through-fares that are a result of combining specified fares with an add-on amount.


  • Both airline-specific international fares and generic industry international (YY) fares may be applied to any airline serving the city pair of origin and destination.
  • Customizability: You can choose to receive fares for Areas 1, 2, and 3 separately or in combination.

Geographic Coverage

  • International: Between worldwide points and the United States and Canada
  • AllFares: Between worldwide points other than the United States and Canada, including domestic fares within a country other than the United States and Canada

Product Package

The following products increase the usefulness and efficiency of International Fares and AllFares:

International Fares and AllFares are available in Basic, Limited, and Carrier’s Web Site service options.