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Revenue Accounting Tax Database (RATD)

Revenue Accounting Tax Database (RATD) is an IATA product that streamlines the interline billing process for taxes, charges, and fees assigned a two-letter code.  Derived from the IATA Ticket Tax Box Service, the RATD reflects the amounts to be collected and remitted for interline tickets. ATPCO has worked on behalf of IATA and the industry to provide an automated data file and online view of the RATD, which now includes carrier-specified amounts collected directly by ATPCO.


  • Increase the accuracy of interline tax values throughout the life cycle from pricing to ticketing to revenue accounting
  • Avoid write-offs to the balance sheet for interline airlines who are forced today to pay out amounts that they did not collect from the customer
  • Avoid disputes on interline billing that cost labor time leading to write-offs
  • Use the single-source authority for revenue accounting tax data that provides consistency throughout the industry

Data Sources

  • IATA Ticket Tax Box Service (TTBS)
  • ATPCO-collected carrier exceptions and carrier-specified amounts


The solution is offered as a monthly subscription file and as an online view in ATPCO’s FareManager. The format of the subscription file is aligned to ATPCO’s current tax subscription product, except that RATD data will be distributed monthly rather than hourly.

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