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Move the marketplace, maximize your potential


The ATPCO FareMaster System is a unique, state of the art software package that gives you complete functional control over your fares database. Take your first steps into the complex world of competitive pricing, moving from merely implementing fares to a position of leadership where you can directly influence demand and profitability.

Supported by Sabre AirPrice™, FareMaster provides carriers the capability to effortlessly update published, negotiated, and add-on fares online. With a single sign-on, analysts will be able to navigate easily between ATPCO FareManager and the AirPrice™ applications to access current and historical fare information for both the carrier and its competitors. Dynamic reports rapidly alert you to market moves and trends. Change an existing fare, a single market, or a group of markets. Create new fare records, even by copying a competitor’s fare filing as a template. Then quickly and easily upload new fares for distribution by ATPCO to all subscribing global distribution systems (GDS).

The completely integrated functions of the ATPCO FareMaster System can improve your productivity, helping you remain competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace.

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