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News Brief

As part of the 2014 Global Conference, ATPCO held a Revenue Accounting Forum where participants could learn about and share ideas that will shape the next generation of revenue accounting.

Participants had the opportunity to

  • Learn about ATPCO’s vision for the next generation of revenue accounting, including simplified involuntary reroute settlement, simplified tax settlement, and determining coupon values at the time of  fare filing
  • Hear about the impact on revenue accounting of life cycle developments in the collection and distribution area
  • Participate in approving our product enhancement plan for 2015
  • Learn about ATPCO’s findings on the revenue accounting market landscape, including key challenges for the industry
  • Hear spotlight sessions on our three featured products: Sales Data Exchange, AIA Services and PIPPS

We also welcomed, for the second year running, a presentation by the Airlines Clearing House (ACH), who shared their views on revenue accounting trends in the US marketplace, and shared their latest initiative, which is also the newest AIA Service, Simplified Involuntary Reroute Settlement.


Revenue Accounting Forum, 2014 Global Conference