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Solution Overview

With ATPCO’s Sales Data Exchange, you gain access to high-quality sales data that’s easily analyzed and integrated with all your down-line processes to save costs and protect your revenue.

Improved sales data quality
  • Receive one robust transaction for each ticket sold that combines all existing formats of data (TCN, BSP, and ARC) into one industry sales record
  • Benefit from the level of detail that enables accurate sales accounting, proration, yield management, network analysis, and business intelligence
  • Increase the value of your sales data by using features such as codesharing, schedules data enhancement, filtering, and private data masking to customize the information to your organization’s needs
  • Share your interline sales data with your partners
Efficient sales data processes
  • Leverage our Industry Sales Record in multiple business processes by having ATPCO send the data to multiple locations, saving time, lowering costs, and improving data consistency across your organization
  • Save the costs of managing multiple file transfers and converting data into a usable format by receiving a single consolidated daily file of sales information
  • Avoid the costs of processing the same ticket on multiple occasions because ATPCO will check and remove all duplicate versions of the same ticket
  • Ensure accurate interline settlement by utilizing the information added to your ticket sales from the current and comprehensive data powered by OAG schedules