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  • The foundation of flight shopping
  • NDC Exchange enables TripActions
    to bring travelers the best available
    Southwest content
  • ATPCO Reduces Barrier to Entry
    for Airlines to Adopt Dynamic Pricing
  • KAYAK Signs Multi-Year Retailing Deal
    to Integrate Routehappy Rich Content

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Perfect Price and ATPCO—Dynamic Pricing for Ancillaries 
Maximizing revenue from ancillaries is a hot topic across the airline industry. As ticket prices become increasingly competitive and margins thin,…
Customer-centric flight shopping in practice: How ATPCO and United partnered to get sports fans to the big game
American college football season has begun, with universities across the country ready to vie for on-field supremacy in this long-held US tradition.…
world aviation festival london
The World Aviation Festival: Celebrating diversity and endless innovation
Last week I had the pleasure of attending the World Aviation Festival, the largest conference for airline and airport business models. In London,…

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