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Get to know ATPCO's Strategy division

The Strategy division ensures all the elements that lead to passenger flight shopping work effortlessly for our customers across new and traditional technologies and methods. We deliver our solutions through industry collaboration and standards and focus on the future evolution of the ATPCO product suite. We identify and develop services and partnerships to pursue opportunities to enhance and develop the ATPCO product suite. 

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Corporate Strategy
The Corporate Strategy team ensures ATPCO has and executes on a strong plan of action that positions us to create greater value for the industry over the long term.

Corporate Strategy Management
The Corporate Strategy Management team leads corporate strategic planning, manages strategic performance, and communicates corporate strategy across the company. 

Strategic Research & Analysis
The Strategic Research & Analysis team is responsible for identifying and defining the value of opportunities for ATPCO to support the industry.

>Industry Standards & Industry Governance
The Standards and the Industry Governance teams foster healthy relationships between ATPCO, our stakeholders, and other industry organizations to collectively address distribution challenges. We help align the ecosystem to support the creation and adoption of industry standards that reduce cost and complexity for everyone. 

The Industry Standards team is responsible for lending subject matter expertise to support the development of industry standards, coordinating standards participation activities, and then maintaining a "single source of truth" to promote a consistent application across the industry.

The Industry Governance team is responsible for providing a governance structure that encourages and supports industry collaboration. We enable seamless integration of the ATPCO platform end-to-end along the offer content supply chain.

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