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The world's primary source for airline pricing data

Choose your content from the single source of truth 

Get the world's broadest and deepest pricing content to run and grow your business. We collect our flagship pricing data direct from airlines and distribute it to you in the formats you want.

Airline fare data

Everything you need for pricing displays in GDSs, offer management systems, booking engines, metasearch sites, advertising, TMCs, OTAs, and other channels.


Data that powers baggage and other services so you can integrate and display differentiated products to consumers.

Taxes and fees

Centralized, automated tax information on priced itineraries, ancillary services, and other fees lets you calculate the total fares that shoppers see. 

Routehappy Content

Descriptive attributes and visuals that modernize your shopping experience, improving conversion, upsell, and customer satisfaction. 

Revenue accounting

Confirm that sold fares and services are consistently reported and settled, and power your revenue management processes on optimal data.


of the world's fare filing
is done through ATPCO


fares in our
database and growing


of all tickets flow
through ATPCO systems

We deliver it any way you like it


Build your own solutions and optimize your processes using our accurate data and industry-approved business logic. Test, tune, and scale to your unique requirements with this unassembled data that's delivered via FTP as often as every hour.

Assembled data

Receive pre-assembled, industry-standard pricing data via FTP. Plug the data feeds into your revenue management or revenue accounting systems without having to build software to assemble raw content.


Connect via our web services to gain real-time direct access to assembled data and calculated results. Get API connectivity without the responsibility of managing raw or assembled data files yourself.

Test data

Leverage comprehensive datasets that mirror actual fares for a nominal cost, and then develop and test in your own environment. Our experts provide guidance and technical support during your testing period. 

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