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Orders & Settlement

Bridge the gap between your fare offers and fare revenue

Audit accurately and avoid disputes with the gold standard

Bridge the gap between offer creation, management, and revenue accounting with our easy end-to-end solutions. Simplify your sales and interline settlement processes so you can maximize revenue with increased data accuracy and automation.

Single source of truth

Audit confidently when we collect, distribute, and standardize multiple sources of revenue data on your behalf.

Interline made easy

Easily communicate settlements with your interline partners so you don’t have to deal with costly inaccuracies and disputes.

Keep it competitive

Audit and analyze your ticket sales with the best reference in the industry: PIPPS is the official ACH settlement tool with 29 years of historical data. 

Industry Sales Record (ISR)

Receive and share one daily file of ticket sale information that combines all existing formats of data (TCN, BSP, and ARC). The accurate data makes interline settlement easier and protects you from dealing with costly duplicates.

Industry Sales Record (ISR)
Revenue Accounting Settlement Services

Revenue Accounting Settlement Services

Use these proration, billing, and settlement tools with your partners to eliminate expensive interline disputes and debit memos.

Tax Calculator

Calculate taxes that apply to an itinerary so you can audit your revenue or answer passenger questions.

Tax Calculator
Passenger Interline Pricing/Prorate System (PIPPS)

Passenger Interline Pricing/Prorate System (PIPPS)

The official tool for coupon value determination, sales and interline audit, proration, and historical research, PIPPS holds more than 29 years of historical fares and rules, currency changes, and surcharges data.




ticket sales a year processed through ATPCO


monthly sales transactions go through ATPCO's neutral fare proration


of historical fare data

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