By Graham Wareham

Director, NDC and Partnerships

Graham has over 20 years of experience in the airline industry, including more than four years with ATPCO. His most recent experience as an aviation executive included strategic development, cost/revenue management, and market analysis. Graham most recently worked as a Senior Director, Distribution and Consumer Direct for Air Canada. In his current role, Graham leads ATPCO's Distribution Portfolio, developing strategic business goals, and oversees and ensures the company delivers timely, cost-effective, and efficient enhancements and solutions to our customers and owners.

NDC: Luxury or Necessity?

We know it’s hard. Exploring unknown territory in the market, building an API strategy, and then configuring your data to fit it—NDC can make the future appear to be complex and uncertain. It’s tempting to work around it or trust that it won’t affect your business. But do you have that luxury?