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Meet FlyNava

Solving complex challenges of the airline industry

About FlyNava

FlyNava began its journey in 2016 with the launch of Jupiter, a pricing decision support solution for continuous airline pricing based on real-time data and analytics. 

Our mission is to become a leading developer of innovative software solutions that answer the business challenges of airline industry. 

FlyNava Technologies & Bridge Labs

Access to data and total price points is critical for developing end-to-end solutions for airline revenue management. At FlyNava Technologies, we believe that high levels of integration using various ATPCO APIs adds tremendous value to our solution, Jupiter. Being part of the Bridge Labs community empowers us to improve accuracy, increase speed to market, and provide our customers with timely insights to support their decisions and stay competitive.

FlyNava Leadership

Mahesh Shastry is the founder and CEO of FlyNava, a company with sharp focus on building airline software products. With over 25 years of experience in airline and travel technology industries, Mahesh started the company’s journey in 2016. The FlyNava’s team grew to 30 people and has the right blend of industry veterans and fresh talent from leading colleges forming the heart and soul of our organization.

We are actively working with Bridge Labs to provide maximum integration with ATPCO services, data, and APIs. This collaboration leads us to better learning and new solutions, and it empowers us to provide high value and continuity to airline customers.

Mahesh Shastry
Founder & CEO, FlyNava Technologies

Mahesh Shastry presents in the 
2018 ATPCO Bridge Labs Innovation Showcase

FlyNava Technologies offers Jupiter Next, a revenue management capability linked to social data that delivers dashboards and insights for a variety of Asian and Middle Eastern carriers.

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It has been a pleasure working with FlyNava and contributing to their success by providing our expertise, data, and APIs. FlyNava’s innovative approach and technologies will help them to achieve their goals and provide robust solutions for the airline industry.

Tom Gregorson
Chief Strategy Officer, ATPCO

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