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Meet InEye Technologies

Travel smarter with worry-free baggage experience

About InEye

InEye Technologies developed INWEIGH, a first of its kind SMART baggage solution that comprises of a sleek gadget, an intelligent mobile APP and a backend database that together provides timely and insightful real-time baggage data to commercial airlines as well as its passengers. Its patent-pending design and architecture leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) technology enabling airlines as well as the passenger to save money. 

InEye Technologies & Bridge Labs

By partnering with Bridge Labs, we can bring our solution to market quicker. Having access to Bridge Labs APIs and ATPCO data provide us with the ability to offer the most accurate baggage information to our customers. ATPCO is the industry trusted source of airline baggage allowances, charges, prepaid, carry-on, and embargo policies. In collaboration with Bridge Labs, their support, expertise and reach we can build new partnerships and enhance our solution.

InEye Technologies Leadership

Preethi Natarajan is the Founder & CEO of InEye Technologies, a startup that provides air-travel and analytics solutions using IoT (Internet of Things) technology. Her passion for travel and technology coupled with her strong qualifications and background in Electrical Engineering (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth) and MBA (Babson College) and served as a foundation to InEye Technologies creation.

Bridge Labs offers guidance and resources that allow us to focus on what matters most – the core business. Bridge Labs has our back by providing a support system where we can learn from others and prevent the possible mistakes of the startups

Preethi Natarajan
Founder & CEO, InEye Technologies

InEye Technologies are focused on improving the consumers’ experience of travel as it relates to baggage allowance, and with the successful launch of their internet of things device, INWEIGH, they are off to a good start in providing a smart baggage solution to the airline industry and passengers.

Gianni Cataldo
Head of R&D, ATPCO

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