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Meet Pilota

Developing solutions to help travelers fly safer

About Pilota

Pilota adds flexibility and security to flights with an AI-powered booking assistant that provides the important flight insights that travelers need. Pilota combines artificial intelligence along with data-driven analytics to provide itinerary information and predictions that include insights on health, safety, and disruption risk.

Helping travelers restore their confidence in flying again

People are concerned about the health and safety risks that flying presents. Airlines, airports, and every travel provider are continuously implementing new safety measures to keep travelers safe, but it’s hard for flight shoppers to find this information when they plan trips. 



Pilota saw this need to provide health and safety information to travelers as part of their booking process. This is why FlySafe allows travelers to compare potential itineraries based on the health and safety measures that matter most to them, directly on the website they are already using to shop for travel. It also provides a personalized rating for each flight the traveler is viewing on those sites.

You can try the Chrome extension for free! >

Transformation story 

FlySafe was created because of the need that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic. Pilota quickly realized how important the health and safety information was going to be for travelers and began developing the tool in March 2020. The key was sourcing the correct information to develop its data-driven insights. Pilota leveraged ATPCO’s Reassurance UPAs and their own data to create the Chrome extension in only three months.

Bridge Labs has been incredible to work with on this new product. [ATPCO offered] the Reassurance UPAs pro-bono, so we knew that we were working with the highest quality of data, and the UPAs provided us with exactly the data points that we needed. We could spend less time developing these data sets ourselves and more time building the product. Bridge Labs not only provided us with access to the data but was also there for us throughout the integration process and made it a seamless experience.

Saniya Shah
CEO, Pilota


FlySafe is available to consumers already and is helping to restore consumer confidence in travel and empower travelers to stay safe. Pilota hopes that consumers will use the free extension to stay safe while traveling, and is eager to work with corporate partners to develop custom solutions for corporate travelers.

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