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Product division

Get to know ATPCO's Product division

Anywhere you go in the world to buy an airline ticket, the pricing data of that ticket likely came through ATPCO. We cover all aspects of flight shopping including price, offer, distribution, retailing, and settlement.  ATPCO is the airline platform that connects all airlines with all channels where a passenger buys an airline ticket.

The Product division is a collection of subject matter experts, engineers, product designers, leaders, and others committed to building and improving the data infrastructure that powers flight shopping. Our mission is to create superior products through the cultivation of lean, high-performing teams. 

We operate in flat, small collaborative teams, each fully dedicated and accountable to the success of their product. Our teams are empowered to make decisions that they feel will help them achieve the outcomes. We believe that experimentation with unexpected results yield valuable learning, not failure. We strive to embrace complexity and create simple solutions.

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The Tools team is responsible for the collection and management of airline pricing data. This team provides smart connections, enabling airlines to get their data to the marketplace in the most effective manner for their business. Airlines and their vendors use our systems and upload managers to confidently create and update offers that can be sold anywhere. 


The Content team develops technology products that enable ATPCO customers to intelligently gather, monitor, and analyze airline pricing data in real-time in order to gain better insights into competitive offers and market trends to make timely, informed decisions.


The Distribution team facilitates the flow of air travel data across the ecosystem, ensuring its consistency by driving and managing its standards. We ensure that airline data entered through ATPCO's Pricing and Retailing systems is validated for quality and delivered to the industry in a consistent, reliable, and efficient manner. This team deals in volumes of tens of millions of records coming in and billions of records going out. Additionally, we create the online applications and APIs used by our airline customers to release and monitor this data as it flows through the system.


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