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Design teams

Leading the development and management of the standards behind automated pricing for decades

Calling all standards setters, we want you 

Design teams are where airlines and channels gather to solve industry business needs. People representing different perspectives connect here to drive results. Whether it’s setting an industry standard or coming up with solutions to a problem, design teams are a way for individuals and organizations to make lasting, positive impacts on our industry. 

Each design team has its own unique purpose, but they all encourage participants to share innovation and build real solutions. 

Who should join? 

  • Professional level: Business users, analysts, leads, managers, supervisors 
  • Expertise: Industry experts with knowledge of ATPCO products or solutions, airline business expertise, and a desire to solve challenges that exist today. 
Explore our design teams
Pricing & Distribution
ATPCO design teams
Exploring standards for advanced pricing capabilities
  • Dynamic Offers 
    Innovating pricing mechanisms across the ecosystem 
    Learn more in MyATPCO
  • New Distribution Capability (NDC) and NDC Solutions 
    Defining an actionable path for differentiating offers 
    Learn more in MyATPCO
Explore standards for merchandising excellence
  • Modern Airline Retailing Attributes
    Establishing data-driven standards to better present airline products   
    Learn more in MyATPCO
  • Routehappy File Subscriber Community Forum
    Customers designing the future of merchandising solutions 
    Learn more in MyATPCO
Servicing & Settlement
Explore standards for serving passenger order needs
Explore standards for serving passenger order needs
  • Ancillary Taxation
    Creation of an industry reference source for ancillary tax application rules.
    Learn more in MyATPCO
  • Automation of Changes 
    Driving toward 100% automation of voluntary changes and refunds 
    Learn more in MyATPCO
  • Tax Standards 
    Driving toward a single source for industry tax data 
    Learn more in MyATPCO
  • US DOT O&D Survey
    Review and establish a path forward for US DOT O&D reporting
    Learn more in MyATPCO
Scaling impact
Maximizing impact through scaled adoption of standards
Maximizing impact through scaled adoption of standards
  • Aligned Application of Industry Standards 
    Ensuring consistency of data across all subscribers 
    Learn more in MyATPCO

  • Gold Release Testing Design Team
    Ensure your product development meets industry standards and customer expectations.
    Learn more in MyATPCO

  • Subscriber Community Forum 
    Working toward broad adoption of high-priority data and standards 
    Learn more in MyATPCO

Interested in making an industry-wide impact?

Bring your perspective to the design teams and build the solutions of tomorrow.


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