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ATPCO Proprietary Standards

Set standards. Build partnerships. Cultivate leadership.

Developing and adopting guidelines that support every organization

ATPCO proprietary standards, sometimes called Data Application, describe technical standards for data. They are a reliable foundation for producing consistent pricing and merchandising results from data that airlines provide.

The standards ensure that airline offers are accurately reflected, and that channels and sellers can confidently develop customer-facing tools. Curious to learn more? 

Download our Standard for Standards

Reduce costs

Standards reduce discrepancies and duplication across the supply chain and help development occur faster. 

Facilitate innovation

Reliable standards create interoperable data that fosters competition and innovation.

Build in compliance

Standards are designed to comply with regulations, so compliance is easier. 

Explore our Standards groups
atpco standards
Leading pricing and retailing automation standards
  • Offer Content 
    Working on standards related to offer creation, such as Dynamic Offers and core pricing functionality. 
  • Distribution & Infrastructure 
    Working on standards related to distribution, such as NDC at scale and alignment of standards application.
  • Offer Presentation 
    Working on standards related to presentation to the customer, such as Modern Airline Retailing Attributes, shop filter, and new retailing attributes. 
  • Customer Care 
    Working on standards related to changes and refunds, such as 100% automation of airline change policies and tax refund rules.

Explore our councils

Design Teams
atpco standards
Designing solutions based on council-guided priorities that make the most industry impact
  • Fast production of quality draft standards 
    Averaging less than 90 days from pen to publication of draft.
  • Accurate technical solutions that address the original business problem 
    85% of standards have no changes from publication to implementation. 
  • Resonating features that scale to industry adoption 
    85% of standards achieve the targeted industry adoption by airlines and technology providers.

Explore our design teams

Who can get involved

The ATPCO community welcomes airlines, providers to airlines, industry organizations, and other businesses interested in the airline distribution ecosystem. Anyone may participate in the solutioning and design process as long as the company has a valid ATPCO user ID and password and is either

  • an airline able to prioritize standards work based on airline benefit 
  • a provider or consumer of ATPCO pricing or merchandising data

How to get inolved

Join an active design team to help build new solutions for the industry. 

Visit our standards and development pages by logging into MyATPCO to access the latest documentation and adoption information. 

Periodically review and respond to Industry Feedback items in MyATPCO.

Subscribe to the Weekly Roundup email for updates on proposed business requests and solutions.


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