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Our response to Covid-19

Information and Customer FAQs

As an airline-owned platform serving over 440 airlines, we recognize that the single most important task we have is to maintain operational reliability so that airlines can publish their content to all channels around the world, as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

ATPCO continues to closely monitor COVID-19 developments across the global market and its impact on our industry and our customers. This page will be updated with changes as they happen.

We are here for you. Please let us know how we can help.

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industry-related events.  

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Participate live or watch recordings to learn how to use our tools and new capabilities.

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COVID-19 Response Resources

Insights to Navigating COVID-19

Expert’s vlog, Part 1 of 5: Teaming up for thoughtful responses to market volatility

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Expert’s vlog, Part 2 of 5: Relaxing restrictions so passengers have more flexibility tomorrow

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COVID-19: A letter from our President and CEO, Rolf Purzer 

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Products and Support for Navigating COVID-19

New UTAs make unlocking baggage policies easier for sales channels 

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ATPCO’s call to action for Voluntary Changes and Refunds 

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Using rich content to answer the changing questions of flight shoppers

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Customer FAQs

What is ATPCO doing to assist the industry?  

  • We are committed to maintaining our operational reliability at 99.9%.  You can view the status of our applications at any time here

  • We have experts available to help you implement pricing strategies.

  • We have started working with several of you already creating target-specific retailing content to assist airlines in communicating Coronavirus impacts to travelers (for example, change fee UPAs).

  • We have tools and services that can help you react quickly and protect revenue.

  • ATPCO stands with our industry partners, and we continue to look for ways to support airlines and channel partners so that you can focus on getting through the next few months.

How can we work with ATPCO more effectively to take cost out of our business, improve efficiency, improve revenues?

  • Our Customer Service experts are available, as always, to support you with pricing implementations, coding assistance, and initiatives that may require extra coding or mass data updates, especially if your organization is dealing with resource and expertise constraints. For larger initiatives, we can provide a quote for the complete package of updates, in lieu of the normal data input fees, and an estimated timeframe for completion. 

  • Your regional director is happy to talk to you about usage and help find areas to optimize products and services.

What might we not know about that could help right now?

  • Our experts can help ensure fast and accurate filing of new and updated fare rules that correctly reflect your policies and pricing intentions. 

  • Our airline and channel retailing teams are working with the industry to help create time-sensitive content in Reassurance UPAs that quickly communicate to travelers’ changes in their change/cancel policies, introducing new cleaning procedures, etc.

  • We are building a temporary automated solution to give each airline the ability to amend change and refund provisions on tickets that have already been issued. The solution would use General Rules at the tariff level to override the current rule conditions in Voluntary Changes and Voluntary Refunds. (Every airline is responsible for reviewing with its own legal counsel the use of this capability, the adherence to its individual conditions of carriage, and its compliance with all other applicable legal and regulatory requirements.) See Notification 20-082 for more details. 

What is ATPCO doing in terms of system operations?

  • We are taking steps to ensure our services are uninterrupted. We are actively monitoring any adverse effects on the performance of our systems to ensure timely data delivery and communications.

Are planned enhancements still happening?

  • We have worked with airlines and data subscribers, with the guidance of the ATPCO Advisory Council, to reduce the 2020 Product Development Plan (PDP) to high-value, regulatory, and contractually obligated items. Remaining 2020 and 2021 items have been listed for the fourth quarter of 2021, pending industry prioritization. Please see Notification 20-069 for details.

How do I enroll in a free, live virtual training class?

  • The first step is to gain access to the catalog of classes.  Just send a message to with your name, organization, e-mail, and ATPCO user ID.  You’ll then receive an email with the directions to access the catalog.  Follow those directions to self-enroll in as many classes as you wish. Check out the recent “Emergency flexibility for changes to fare rule conditions on existing tickets” class.    

Are ATPCO’s events (working groups, webinars, Elevate) and other industry events still happening?

  • We are rescheduling upcoming in-person events into a virtual format so that we can continue to work together across the industry on important initiatives. 

  • We are postponing Elevate, our annual global conference, in the best interests of our attendees, speakers, and industry partners. We will see you at the InterContinental Hotel in Miami from 4 to 7 October 2021. Read more about our decision here.

  • We are tracking all airline industry event updates on our website as more details become available.

Who can I speak to for questions or concerns?

  • Regional Directors
  • 24/7 Customer Service
    • Submit a ticket  
    • Call customer service 
      • +1-703-661-7550 (Washington)
      • +44-20-8572-1322 (London)
      • +65-6958-0960 (Singapore)
    • Call tech support: +1-703-661-7815
    • Live chat: Click the link on the ATPCO Support Portal