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Whether you're getting your airfare and fare-related data into the market, or leveraging real-time competitive data to inform revenue management strategies, we enable you with the most comprehensive worldwide database.

You've chosen to harness the power of data to propel your vision in a modern marketplace that requires a crystal-clear focus on both customers and content. With more than 170 million fares, composed of public, private, and IATA data, for more than 430 global airlines, we're the travel industry's backbone for fare and fare-related subscription data, including rules, merchandising content, fees, and taxes.

Simply put: We're big data nerds. We deliver the information you need to meet the realities of today -- and the opportunities of tomorrow.

Fares & Rules Data

Fares & Rules assembles fare and fare-related data from major airlines and distributes them to:

  • Global Distribution Systems (GDS)
  • Revenue management and revenue accounting systems
  • Passenger service systems
  • Companies who want to benefit from valuable, comprehensive data.

And it does this in an industry-standard format -- from a single source.


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Ancillaries & Fees Data

Provides single-point access to the most comprehensive industry-wide database of ancillary services data and fees.

  • Support consistent merchandising and product placement
  • Use the only industry solution powered by industry-standard references
  • Combine with rich media


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Tax Data

IATA-endorsed, centralized and automated data feed of all tax information related to itineraries, ancillary services, and other airline fees.

  • Reduce lost cash from under-collection of taxes or disputes about non-collection
  • Collect and remit accurate and consistent taxes on fares and service fees
  • Process revenue accounting tax audits and billing with consistent pricing data


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Revenue Accounting Data

We collect and manage the most complete and accurate source of global revenue accounting data in the market, process and clean it, and create a single comprehensive record that can be used across all your revenue accounting needs.


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Data Platform Services

Harness the power of multiple data sources to connect the industry's most comprehensive fare-related data directly into your business processes.

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Industries We Serve


Improve passenger experience and soar through the competition by connecting with the fastest, smartest pricing out there.

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Travel agencies

Gain access to the most comprehensive worldwide air fare and fare-related data in the industry.

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Online travel agencies

Deliver real-time customer happiness with our automated systems connected to all channels.

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Metasearch engines

Get fast, accurate, and dynamic pricing that will set you apart in a sea of competition.

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Travel management companies

Manage corporate travel clients with cost-effective, personalized, and hassle-free solutions.

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Global distribution systems

Get the most reliable, accurate and comprehensive airline content in the industry.

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Fuel your research with the most accurate and dependable data and industry knowledge.

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ATPCO’s gold-standard data from a single source simplifies the regulatory review process.

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Help your financials take flight with the industry's most trusted data and automated systems.

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Gain a deeper understanding and power your recommendations on a complex industry.

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Technology Companies

Feed your technology with the industry’s most trusted source of airfare and fare-related data.

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“Last weeks seminar truly met our needs and was very useful to us. We now have a keen understanding of ATPCO systems. We have lots of challenges ahead and we will take your good advice to assist us in meeting our goals."

“We are so pleased that ATPCO opened the Consulting division because they listened to our specific requirements and delivered a customised training programme that focused on our business priorities.”

“The knowledge shared by ATPCO Consulting was at a very appropriate level and easy to understand. As a result we are now able to work in a more efficient and timely manner. We look forward to continuing this partnership in the future."

“We were delighted with our consultancy from ATPCO. It was very insightful and educational and has helped us to improve our speed to market while reducing filing costs."

Learning & Insights

Product Updates
3 Reasons Your Company Will Embrace E-learning
Learning Solutions

Today, aviation organizations rely on technology to train employees on everything from compliance with FAA regulations to technical training. To make it even easier for you to learn on how to use our systems, ATPCO now offers our four core FareManager courses in both e-learning and instructor-led training formats.

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Case Study
American Airlines Takes Baggage Retailing to a New Level
Case Study

How the ATPCO Optional Services Upload feature helped American Airlines overcome the challenges of complex pricing initiatives and a growing amount of baggage data.

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Industry News
NDC and the Need for Network Economics
Industry News

Emerging methods for airline distribution is a fascinating topic, with a wealth of recent publications and opinion pieces speculating on how the chips will fall.  One thing is clear in this complex, brave new world: new technologies and data standards, used together by a mix of capable system providers, industry organizations, and agile startups, will continue to drive innovation and serve airlines under the direction of the IATA New Distribution Capability (NDC). 

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