Data Market - Fares & Rules Data

These days, it's not uncommon for almost every passenger on an airplane to have paid a different price. That's the state of the market, and we're here to help you leverage it.

Our Fares & Rules data solution represents the essential piece of the pricing puzzle for an airline offer. All the components and restrictions within an offer represent millions of data points that pricing, fare management, revenue accounting and other systems need to fuel their effectiveness.

Fares & Rules assembles the different fare and fare-related data from airlines and distributes them to the different global distribution systems (GDS), revenue management and revenue accounting systems, passenger service systems, and companies who want to benefit from valuable, comprehensive data. And it does this in an industry-standard format—from one single source.

Leverage the most comprehensive source of fare and fare-related data

Feed your pricing, revenue management, revenue accounting, or other systems with accurate, consistent, and highly validated data.

Take advantage of a collaborative model working for the industry

Leverage solutions that are supported by industry-standard data application.

Benefit from flexibility that meets regulatory standards

Choose fares and rules data products à la carte, with filters, and at the frequency you want to receive it.

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