Revenue Accounting Data - Industry Sales Record

When you're looking for prompt and accurate revenue processes, we have the answer for you.

Current processes used to obtain revenue accounting data are complicated and costly. Multiple data sources, delays in receiving files and cleaning the data can add up to lost time and money. At ATPCO, we remove that frustration and simplify the end-to-end process. We collect and manage the most complete and accurate source of global revenue accounting data in the market, process and clean it, and create a single comprehensive record that can be used across all your revenue accounting needs.

Through Industry Sales Record, we collect your sales data from multiple sources, apply value-added processing and data cleansing, then create a single comprehensive record that can be used across all your revenue accounting needs.

Comprehensive and accurate

Get a complete view of your sales and never worry about duplicate tickets.

Flexible and connected

Filter only the transactions you want and quickly connect with our Interline Settlement technology.

Robust sales data

Detailed information that enables accurate sales accounting, proration, yield management, network analysis, and business intelligence.

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