Revenue Accounting Data

When you're looking for accurate, comprehensive and prompt revenue data and processes, we have the answer for you.

Current processes used to obtain revenue accounting data are complicated and costly. Multiple data sources, delays in receiving files and cleaning the data can add up to lost time and money. At ATPCO, we remove that frustration and simplify the end-to-end process. We collect and manage the most complete and accurate source of global revenue accounting data in the market, process and clean it, and create a single comprehensive record that can be used across all your revenue accounting needs.

Comprehensive and accurate

Get a complete view of your sales and never worry about duplicate tickets.

Flexible and connected

Filter only the transactions you want and quickly connect with our Interline Settlement technology.

Robust sales data

Detailed information that enables accurate sales accounting, proration, yield management, network analysis, and business intelligence.

Sales Data Exchange - Solution Overview
With ATPCO’s Sales Data Exchange, you gain access to high-quality sales data that’s easily analyzed and integrated with all your down-line processes to save costs and protect your revenue.

Improved sales data quality

  • Receive one robust transaction for each ticket sold that combines all existing formats of data (TCN, BSP, and ARC) into one industry sales record
  • Benefit from the level of detail that enables accurate sales accounting, proration, yield management, network analysis, and business intelligence
  • Increase the value of your sales data by using features such as codesharing, schedules data enhancement, filtering, and private data masking to customize the information to your organization’s needs
  • Share your interline sales data with your partners

Efficient sales data processes

  • Leverage our Industry Sales Record in multiple business processes by having ATPCO send the data to multiple locations, saving time, lowering costs, and improving data consistency across your organization
  • Save the costs of managing multiple file transfers and converting data into a usable format by receiving a single consolidated daily file of sales information
  • Avoid the costs of processing the same ticket on multiple occasions because ATPCO will check and remove all duplicate versions of the same ticket
  • Ensure accurate interline settlement by utilizing the information added to your ticket sales from the current and comprehensive data powered by OAG schedules

Supporting documents

ATPCO, as an industry provider maintaining the life cycle of the fare, has a duty to ensure that airline fares and services sold in the marketplace are consistently reported to optimize revenue accounting and fare management processes.

The goal of our Sales Data Exchange solution is to help you cut processing costs while ensuring better quality and more consistent sales data that can be used in multiple business processes.

Sales Data Exchange is a feed of information that supports multiple business processes, including revenue accounting, fare management, alliance reporting, and many others. ATPCO collects ticket sales data from multiple points of sale in different formats and consolidates them into a single daily file, saving you the costs of managing multiple file transfers and converting data into an industry standard format.

It allows you to send the same ticket information to all your internal systems as well as external partners so that the same data is used for all down-line processes.

You can also enjoy access to value-added industry solutions, such as A&A Services and GFS Fast Track.

Today, more than 125 airlines already benefit from Sales Data Exchange, getting sales data from over 70 sources in one file. The solution is well-established – ATPCO is processing approximately 800 million ticket sales a year. You can get access to this valuable ticket sales data as a validating carrier, an operating carrier, or a marketing carrier within the ticketed itinerary.

This web site is your single access point to everything sales data. Here you can learn how to become a part of the international revenue accounting community and to optimize your business processes.

Getting Started
The following documents and instructions will help you start using the Sales Data Exchange.

Participant List
To request a full contact list, please send e-mail to

New Subscriber Checklist
Please fill out and return this checklist to us as soon as possible so that we can establish connectivity.


Please send two signed originals of the appropriate contracts to:

45005 Aviation Drive
Dulles, VA, 20166, USA.

Please note that we also encourage receivers of data to supply their own direct sales (if hosted, your host can supply them instead) and BSP/ARC data.







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