Data Market - Tax Data

Taxes from multiple sources across the industry can lead to Inaccurate, incomplete, or late tax data that negatively impacts revenue. We solve that too.

Pricing systems, audit systems, revenue accounting systems, and other companies need to be able to receive standard industry tax data from many places and analyze it from all angles. This complex process demands an innovative solution that easily handles granular pricing data for itinerary and service taxes. We make that solution.

ATPCO’s Taxes Data solution is a center of excellence, covering taxes applied to all our other products to complete the total product price. The industry's first IATA-endorsed, centralized and automated data feed of all tax information related to itineraries, ancillary services, and other airline fees, where instructed by the airline. That's right, we broke the tax data mold so you can break through to better revenue.

Use robust financial rates and rules

Reduce lost cash from under-collection of taxes or disputes about non-collection and improve efficiency, and cut manual costs of managing tax data.

Cover taxes on the total product price

Collect and remit accurate and consistent taxes on fares and service fees and keep taxes consistently revenue-neutral.

Use the same data through supply chain

Process revenue accounting tax audits and billing with consistent pricing data.

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