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NGS Webinar

NGS™ version 1 of the US domestic standard is here

Next Generation Storefront (NGS) Webinar

24 October 2019 - 24 October 2019

Don't miss your chance to hear the details and learn next steps.

The US domestic NGS™ industry standard has evolved at an incredible pace, achieving success within 6 months of the initial NGS Working Group in March of 2019.

Now that version 1 of the US domestic standard is complete, you’ll need to hear the details, get your questions answered, and learn the next steps. Join us for an interactive 90-minute webinar that will feature:

  • What’s happened since US domestic NGS™ standard v0.7 in early August
  • Numbers over Stars – a standard for shelf headers
  • What you need to know about each shelf
  • What happened with
    • Multi-leg itineraries
    • Rich content
    • Codeshares
  • What’s next

Be among the first taking advantage of the new standard, and stay involved as we prepare NGS for global expansion.

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