ATPCO is well known as the standard setter in the airfare ecosystem, but look closer and you'll see that we’re real people who are passionate about helping you connect to the future of the airline industry.

We take pride in strengthening connections throughout the airline industry by hosting and participating in events, conferences and working groups that define automated solutions and standards.

We hope to see you this year at ELEVATE 2018! >

ATPCO is traveling the world! We hope to see you at any of the following industry events:

Event Type Date(s) Event Location
Industry Event 10-Apr-2018 - 12-Apr-2018

Aircraft Interiors Expo
Attendees: Jonathon Savitch 

ATPCO Hosted 10-Apr-2018 - 12-Apr-2018 Fees Working Group Nice, France
Industry Event 16-Apr-2018 - 18-Apr-2018 CAPA Aviation Festival Americas
Attendees: Seth Anagnostis
Houston, TX
ATPCO Hosted 17-Apr-2018 - 17-Apr-2018 AAC London
ATPCO Hosted 23-Apr-2018 - 24-Apr-2018 Voluntary Changes and Refunds Task Force Washington, D.C.
Industry Event 24-Apr-2018 - 26-Apr-2018 Airlines Clearing House (ACH)
Attendees: Thomas Gregorson, Christian Albrespy, Cindi Kelly, Tristan Attwood

Denver, CO

ATPCO Hosted 25-Apr-2018 - 27-Apr-2018 Voluntary Changes and Refunds Working Group Washington, D.C.
ATPCO Hosted 2-May-2018 - 2-May-2018 Industry Elevate  Virtual
Industry Event 15-May-2018 - 17-May-2018 PhocusWright Europe
Attendees: Seth Anagnostis
Industry Event 17-May-2018 - 18-May-2018 CAPA Airline Leader Summit
Attendees: Jonathon Savitch 
Industry Event 07-Jun-2018 - 09-Jun-2018 Travel Tech Con
Attendees: Gianni Cataldo (judging), Ellen Runyon
San Francisco, CA
Industry Event 19-Jun-2018 - 20-Jun-2018 IATA ADS Berlin, Germany
Industry Event 11-Aug-2018 - 15-Aug-2018 GBTA Convention 2018 San Diego, CA
Industry Event 28-Aug-2018 - 30-Aug-2018 AI Mega Event
Attendees: Seth Anagnostis, Zach 
Industry Event 5-Sep-2018 - 7-Sep-2018 Aviation Festival London, UK
Industry Event 17-Sep-2018 - 21-Sep-2018 IATA WFS Madrid, Spain
ATPCO Hosted 9-Oct-2018 - 11-Oct-2018 Elevate 2018 Washington, D.C.
Industry Event 11-Oct-2018 - 12-Oct-2018 ARC TravelConnect
Open to all 
Washington, D.C.
Industry Event 23-Oct-2018 - 25-Oct-2018 IATA Airline Industry Retailing Rome, Italy
Industry Event 28-Oct-2018 - 30-Oct-2018 ALTA - Airline Leaders Forum Panama City, Panama
Industry Event 31-Oct-2018 - 2-Nov-2018 8th Mega Events Worldwide - Ancilliary 
Attendees: Jay Brawley, Seth Anagnostis 
Long Beach, CA
Industry Event 13-Nov-2018 - 15-Nov-2018 PhocusWright
Attendees: Robert Albert and Jonathon Savitch
Los Angeles, CA
Industry Event 13-Nov-2018 - 14-Nov-2018 Aviation Festival MEASA Dubai, United Arab Emirates


2018 Past Events

Event Type Date(s) Event Location
Industry Event

27-Feb-2018 - 28-Feb-2018

Aviation Festival - Asia
Booth: H25
Attendees: Gianni Cataldo, Samuel Lau, Lynn Kor, Beth Taylor, Seth Anagnostis, Megan Humphries
Speaking: Tuesday, February 27, 15:00, Next Generation of Airline Retailing

Industry Event 1-Mar-2018 US Chamber Aviation Summit
Attendees: Doug Sharpe & Jay Brawley
Washington, D.C.
Industry Event 7-Mar-2018 - 11-Mar-2018 ITB Berlin
Attendees: Seth Anagnostis
ATPCO Hosted 13-Mar-2018 - 13-Mar-2018 Revenue Accounting Working Group Washington, D.C.
Industry Event 20-Mar-2018 - 22-Mar-2018 UATP 
Speaking: Rolf Purzer
ATPCO Hosted 26-Mar-2018 - 29-Mar-2018 Fares & Rules Working Group Washington, D.C.
Industry Event 8-Apr-2018 - 10-Apr-2018 AFRAA - 7th Aviation Stakeholder Convention
Attendees: David Julias, Amber Jabeen
Speaking: ATPCO Master Class
Zanzibar, Tanzania