[LIVE WEBINAR] 3 Ways to Master NDC Without Breaking Your Budget

7 August 2018 I 09:00 EST


Getting on board with NDC (New Distribution Capability) isn’t an all-or-nothing deal. While implementing NDC requires strategic planning and alignment with your commercial goals, it can be done on a budget, without disrupting your current distribution processes. You can take a step at a time or fly at full throttle on NDC, but you can’t compromise on the ROI of your NDC solution.

Join ATPCO & SITA experts as they take a deeper dive into the implementation of NDC, explain how it works for the travel suppliers and sellers, including onboarding, timeline, and budget guidelines.

We partnered with industry-owned entities across the airline ecosystem to leverage and bring together expertise, technology, and data so you can implement NDC in an easy, cost-effective—and the right—way.

In this one-hour webinar you will:

  • Learn how you can speed time to market and reduce your development resources
  • Get the insights on what it takes to master NDC: from budgeting to the implementation plan and production
  • View real-time NDC use cases and learn how to realize its benefits
  • Get your questions answered live on the most challenging distribution topics



  • Graham Wareham - Director, Distribution Portfolio at ATPCO

    Graham has over 20 years of experience in the airline industry, including three years with ATPCO. Previously, he was an aviation executive responsible for strategic development, cost/revenue management, and financial analysis. Graham most recently worked as a Senior Director, Distribution and Consumer Direct, for Air Canada. In his current role, Graham leads ATPCO's Distribution portfolio, developing strategic business goals, overseeing, and ensuring that ATPCO delivers timely, cost-effective, and efficient enhancements and solutions to its customers and owners. A native of Canada, Graham enjoys exploring new destinations and experiences.

  • Bryan Trauger - Product Manager at ATPCO

    For more than 17 years, Bryan has worked with ATPCO's Product Development and Marketing teams, specializing in data distribution, automated reissues and refunds, and historical and alternate general rules. Bryan led the Technology Transformation Data Distribution and Subscriptions project, a multi-year effort to create the next-generation distribution solution. Before joining ATPCO in 2000, Bryan worked for a corporate travel agency and in United Airlines' reservations department. In his spare time, Bryan enjoys outings with the family and working on his salt water aquarium.

  • Manraj Sabarwal - Product Manager at SITA

    Manraj is a passionate product manager who specializes in the API ecosystem. He joined SITA in 2015 to start and productize SITA’s API developer portal, Developer.aero. Through his role with Developer.aero, Manraj began working with SITA’s team managing IATA New Distribution Capability (NDC), and in 2017 became the product manager for SITA’s NDC solutions in addition to his role with Developer.aero. Manraj graduated with a first class degree in computer science from University College London (UCL) and has previously worked in market-leading organizations such as Nokia, Skype, and Microsoft before his role at SITA. 

Need a refresher on NDC basics? Review our previous webinar NDC: Luxury or Necessity?, where we examined the need for NDC, its adoption and latest trends, and implementation best practices.

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