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ATPCO hosted

Design Teams Unite: May 2023

09 May 2023
12 May 2023
Nice, France

Join us for Design Teams Unite: May 2023 at Amadeus’ headquarters in Nice, France. Create immediate industry impact by participating in the solutions that will ripple throughout the entire industry and push modern airline retailing to the next level.

With the opportunity to meet your industry colleagues in-person and move the industry forward, the ATPCO event will begin with a focus on the Design Team for New Pricing Initiatives on 9-10 May, and move to a focus on the Design Team for Automation of Changes on 10-12 May. The event will wrap on Friday, 12 May by noon.  

Why should you attend?  

  • Be a part of the evolution to offers and orders by designing solutions that work now for NDC and dynamic offers.  
  • Meet your industry colleagues in person for two days of productive work – this is the first in-person combined design team event in years!  
  • Join two design team meetings in one week, which means less travel, and more efficient use of your time.
  • Tackle technical, specific business problems through breakouts and groups to maximize output.


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david smith headshot

David Smith

Head, Standards & Industry Governance

David Smith, Head of Industry Standards, has 28 years of experience working in the airline industry in the travel distribution ecosystem. Within 10 years at a major European airline, and 18 years at ATPCO, he has experience in finance, business process re-engineering, program management, commercial negotiation, data distribution, and standards creation and management.  He is also a board member of the US-based Society for Standards Professionals. 

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