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FTE Ancillary & Retailing

23 May 2023
25 May 2023
Dublin, Ireland

Optimizing commercial performance has never been more important, and the rebranded FTE Ancillary & Retailing show will bring together under one roof executives representing every type of industry stakeholder globally to help establish creative new ways of working together collaboratively, leveraging digital technology, to create more revenues for all to share in. Through a comprehensive set of conferences, workshops, the exhibition and a unique networking agenda, we are confident the show will help drive seismic changes, and many new working partnerships, in the commercial space for our sector. Be sure to visit ATPCO at booth MB5!

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chris phillips headshot

Chris Phillips

Vice President of Global Sales

Chris joined ATPCO in 2019. Leveraging more than 30 years of commercial airline and consulting experience, he assists ATPCO’s partners in achieving their financial objectives by optimizing their use of the ATPCO solution suite. His background in supporting effective commercial strategies along with his passion to de-commoditize the airline shopping experience complement the airline pricing and retail models enabled by ATPCO. Before joining ATPCO, Chris held leadership positions at Delta Air Lines and Four Corners Consulting Group. 

Navigating the tech landscape and airlines’ journey to becoming fully-fledged digital retailers
24 May 2023 from 1200 to 1300 IST

If you started an airline today, would you need to support any legacy process, like e-tickets? How can airlines sell any product they want through any channel? How do we transition away from legacy approaches to retailing? What is the future of the tech stack? All-in-one or best-of-breed? Open or close? Monolithic of modular?


marcos alsina de freitas headshot

Marcos Alsina de Freitas

Retailing Sales Director, EMEA & Central Asia

Marcos has worked the last 25 years in several commercial positions at GDSs and ATPCO. His experience ranges from running the pricing and data distribution department at Transbrasil and working in the pricing platform at Sabre, to teaching all ATPCO products, to running the EMEA & Central Asia Sales and Customer Marketing division, to developing retailing activities in the same region. His current focus is transforming offer presentation to unlock true airline retailing, where clear, well-articulated, visually presented offers are made available to passengers wherever they are shopping. Marcos holds an MBA degree on Information Technology and Management from the University of California UCI, Irvine and FGV. 

zach wynne headshot

Zachary Wynne

Director, Partner Success

Zachary has 15 years’ experience leading commercial transformation projects at airlines around the world. In his current role, Zachary facilitates dialog with ATPCO’s airline and technology partners, helping to make modern airline retailing a reality. His special focus areas include deployment of airline rich content, pricing and revenue management automation, and distribution modernization. Before this role, Zachary filled several roles at ATPCO in consulting services, analytics, and marketing. As an American based in Europe, Zachary is an avid traveler who enjoys discovering new destinations with his family. In addition to his native English, Zachary also speaks fluent German and conversational Russian, Spanish, and Hungarian. 

megan humphries headshot

Megan Humphries

Head of Communications

Megan grew up in the most isolated capital city in the world, Perth, Western Australia, which led her to the wonder of travel and visiting over 40 countries. This passion for travel steered her to a career in the aviation industry. At ATPCO, Megan leads external and internal communications. She works closely with media and industry analysts on shaping cohesive communications strategies that showcase ATPCO’s key priorities with all external stakeholders. Previously, Megan was the Director of Marketing at Routehappy, which ATPCO acquired in 2018. She also held various positions as a publicist at multiple PR agencies in both New York City and Australia. 

charlie king headshot

Charlie King

Content Strategist

Charlie has been in the industry for two years, starting at ATPCO as an intern in 2021. He works closely with airline partners to create rich media using attractive visuals and text in the form of Routehappy UPAs. Charlie has a Bachelor of Arts in Airline and Airport Management from Buckinghamshire New University, where he learned about airline economics, ancillary revenue, airline sustainability, and more. He later earned a Master of Science in Aviation Organisational Resilience. 

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