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GBTA Convention 2023

13 August 2023
15 August 2023
Dallas, TX

From serving the ongoing needs of business travel professionals to looking ahead to what’s needed most now by travel buyers, suppliers, business travelers and others, GBTA Convention returns for its 54th year as the global business travel event of the year.

  • In-person networking, business, and connection opportunities alongside thousands of peers and partners from across the global business travel community
  • Curated topics, insightful speakers, and leading experts on what matters most for the times we’re in but also for our future
  • An unparalleled offering of sessions for education, learning, training and professional development for professionals of all levels and interests
  • Tools, research and resources you need, from the latest forecasts and data, to best practices and technologies to help you navigate the road ahead for your business travelers, organizations, and teams


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chris phillips headshot

Chris Phillips

Vice President, Global Sales

Chris joined ATPCO in October 2019, bringing over 25 years of commercial airline and consulting experience. His background in supporting effective commercial strategies complements the emerging airline pricing and retail models enabled by ATPCO. Chris brings his passion for helping the travel industry de-commoditize its commercial model to his new role. Before joining ATPCO, Chris held leadership positions at Delta Air Lines and Four Corners Consulting Group.

doug sharpe headshot

Doug Sharpe

Regional Director, Americas

A transformational leader and advocate for simplicity, Doug has over 20 years of experience in the travel industry spanning technology, product, marketing, business development, and sales. In his current post as Commercial Director of ATPCO’s accounts in the Americas, Doug leads Partner Success initiatives aimed at unlocking potential value for customers in order to help them meet their goals. Doug is an avid traveler and musician with roots on both the East and West coasts. 

jose ortiz headshot

Jose Ortiz

Director, Sales & Partner Success – Latin America & Caribbean

Handling ATPCO’s Latin America and Caribbean accounts, José is on a mission to help the travel industry find the right tech solutions. Based in LA, he has spent 15 years with airlines such as LATAM and Air New Zealand in sales, business development, digital marketing, pricing & revenue management, and technology. José is a natural facilitator and strategic visionary. 

taiye adewoye headshot

Taiye Adewoye

Senior Principal Strategist - Strategic Business Development

Taiye leads ATPCO’s Strategic Business Development efforts. He builds up and drives our strategic business development process. Exploring, identifying, engaging, and evaluating opportunities and synergies. Enabling these opportunities and synergies to provide value and support the industry at scale. Prior to this role, he provided consultancy services to ATPCO’s product development and strategy groups. And prior to that, he led Product and Service Delivery, Portfolio management, and Product development groups at Farelogix. He last held the role of Service Delivery Executive and managed the European region.

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