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IATA Airline Industry Retailing Symposium (AIR)

29 October 2019
31 October 2019
Bangkok, Thailand

ATPCO is proud to be a sponsor at the IATA Airline Industry Retailing Symposium, a global event addressing all the key topics on top of our industry's retailing agenda, encompassing Distribution, Pricing and Payment.

Make sure you look for ATPCO during the conference! Talk with our innovative industry professionals to learn more about how we are leading the industry into a new age of informed shoppers with solutions for retailing, distribution, and offers.

•    NDC Services White Paper
•    Simplified Model for Dynamic Pricing Fact Sheet
•    NGS Overview
•    Rich Content for Airlines
•    Rich Content for Channels
•    5 Ways to Make Airline Content Merchandising-friendly


tom gregorson

Tom Gregorson

Chief Strategy Officer

For over 25 years, Tom has been working to develop products that enhance the travel industry. Throughout his career, he has gained insight and provided leadership through his various roles at airlines and global distribution systems, and with ATPCO since 1996. In his current role, Tom leads the Strategy organization and is responsible for creating the long-term vision for ATPCO and exploring new business ventures. His focus is on industry standards and effective ecosystem governance, incubation of new concepts like dynamic pricing and tax automation, as well as overseeing R&D and Bridge Labs. Tom has built a reputation for being a thought leader and implementer of industry solutions in the distribution space.


robert albert

Robert Albert

Executive Vice President, Retailing

Robert joined ATPCO after Routehappy was acquired in February 2018. Robert started Routehappy in 2011 to help airlines and distributors differentiate and better monetize flight shopping while improving the consumer flight shopping experience. As the Founder & CEO, Robert led the creation of comprehensive rich content industry standards, including Flight Amenities, UPAs (Universal Product Attributes) and UTAs (Universal Ticket Attributes), allowing airlines to distribute rich content easily in any sales channel. At ATPCO Robert ensures the full integration of Routehappy into ATPCO with a focus of scaling Routehappy rich content and Next Generation Storefront as core ATPCO products. Prior to Routehappy, Robert was VP Media at Travelocity and General Manager Site59. Robert brings industry experience and entrepreneurial spirit to ATPCO’s transformation objectives.

jonathan savitch

Jonathan Savitch

Chief Commercial Officer

Jonathan joins ATPCO from Routehappy, the industry standard for airline rich content that ATPCO acquired in 2018. With over 20 year’s experience in the industry, Jonathan leads all commercial activities for ATPCO, including Marketing, Sales, and Account Management. He is currently focused on developing a more lean and agile approach at ATPCO. He is dedicated to helping airlines de-commoditize flight shopping and get the right airline products in front of consumers. Jonathan spent 15 years selling in-flight entertainment and connectivity to airlines, previously working as the VP of Business Development at Thales, and he most recently spent four years with Routehappy growing its customer base to over 100 subscriptions in only a few years. Jonathan is a reformed lawyer having graduated from Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville, where he received his Doctorate in Law.

beth taylor

Beth Taylor

Head of Marketing

As head of marketing for ATPCO, Beth is an expert marketer who marries brand excellence with proven success in the strategic management and development of complex, data-driven business and marketing programs of global scope. Beth has 13+ years of marketing and data-driven experience across high tech, management consulting, investment banking / finance, and the airline industry.

graham wareham

Graham Wareham

Director, NDC and Partnerships

Graham has over 20 years of experience in the airline industry, including more than four years with ATPCO. His most recent experience as an aviation executive included strategic development, cost/revenue management, and market analysis. Graham is a groundbreaking strategist, working with airlines, GDSs, and stakeholders across the airline ecosystem to implement new technologies that improve the data distribution processes. Graham most recently worked as a Senior Director, Distribution and Consumer Direct for Air Canada. In his current role, Graham leads ATPCO's Distribution Portfolio, developing strategic business goals, and oversees and ensures the company delivers timely, cost-effective, and efficient enhancements and solutions to our customers and owners.

seth anagnostis

Seth Anagnostis

Head of Global Sales

Seth leads Global Sales for ATPCO. He joined ATPCO via its 2018 acquisition of Routehappy, where he was one of the earliest employees and drove industry-wide adoption of Routehappy’s products. Prior to Routehappy, he was a management consultant for 8 years, where he realized that his favorite part of the job was getting on an airplane. 

megan humphries

Megan Humphries

Head of Communications

Megan grew up in the most isolated capital city in the world, Perth, Western Australia, which led her to the wonder of travel, having visited over 40 countries. This passion for travel steered her to a career in the aviation industry. Megan is the Head of Communications at ATPCO where she leads external and internal communications. She works closely with media and industry analysts on shaping cohesive communications strategies that showcase ATPCO’s key priorities with all external stakeholders. Prior to ATPCO, Megan was the Director of Marketing at Routehappy, which ATPCO acquired in 2018. She also held various positions as a publicist at multiple PR agencies in both New York City and Australia.

john murphy

John Murphy

Chief Information Officer

John joined ATPCO in 2001. He crafts the vision for the company’s use of technology – from maintaining ATPCO’s reputation as an industry innovator to understanding how new technologies can be harnessed to enable new business capabilities. He is responsible for leading technology strategy, infrastructure and operations, security, systems design and development, and innovation. John has an extensive background in all aspects of Enterprise IT leadership and management and provides solutions to customers both internal and external. John is an innovator and entrepreneur in tech and sits on the board of a start-up network hardware company specializing in the cloud-based control and monetization of networks.

bryan trauger

Bryan Trauger

Product Manager

For more than 17 years, Bryan has worked with ATPCO's Product Development and Marketing teams, specializing in data distribution, automated reissues and refunds, and historical and alternate general rules. Bryan led the Technology Transformation Data Distribution and Subscriptions project, a multi-year effort to create the next-generation distribution solution. Before joining ATPCO in 2000, Bryan worked for a corporate travel agency and in United Airlines' reservations department.

megan beardsley

Megan Beardsley

Head of Airline Retailing

A relative newcomer to the travel and aviation industry, Megan brings to her job fresh insight and a wealth of expertise and best practices from over 20 years in marketing. She has worked in a range of high-level strategic, creative and user experience roles. These roles were for top advertising agencies such as McCann as well as entertainment leaders such as Disney. At ATPCO, Megan and her team create and manage highly targeted rich content to help their airline clients make the most of their product in the eyes of their customers. They also work closely with their Channel Retailing colleagues to get that content distributed to as many sales channels as possible. Megan is a graduate of Amherst College, MA, has degrees from the Sorbonne and the ESIT in Paris, and was a Fulbright scholar to Germany. She is bilingual in English and French, and fluent in German.  

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