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The new reality of flight shopping.

Join the unique open industry summit.

Thought-provoking questions. Deep-dive roundtable discussions. Leaders from across the industry. 

Join this unique, free event as we work together to get the world flying again.

Spotlight sessions

28 September, 0900 EDT
Open to all

Industry roundtables

29 September - 1 October

The event begins with the open-to-all Spotlight sessions on 28 September, where 7 speakers will each take 7 minutes to present ideas for tactical and recovery strategies. Then over the next few days, we’ll collaborate on real solutions during deep roundtable discussions.


Spotlight sessions

Open-to-all Spotlight sessions where 7 speakers will each take 7 minutes to present ideas for tactical and recovery strategies.

0900-1030 EDT

The new rules of flight shopping (hint: we are well beyond fare).  

Flight shopping never stops changing. How is the industry adapting and evolving to survive and eventually thrive again?  

Controlled Chaos: New consumer requirements.  

Retailing strategies are rebuilding on entirely new datasets. Let’s take a look at what unstructured and structured data is telling us. 

Kickstarting trust: Putting new ideas to work.  

To evolve your offerings, you must be able to adapt, stay flexible, and scale quickly.  How is this happening across airlines and channels?  

Difficult conversations in a new market. 

Across the industry we’re facing new challenges and opportunities. What are the tough conversations airline executives are having right now?    

A vision for attribute-based shopping. 

How is attribute-based shopping and comparison shopping meeting customer needs? Airline case studies have some answers. 

Getting from Now to Next: The new content that we’ll need. 

Thinking big and thinking for the future; How attribute-based shopping will require new content types.  

How agile innovation is shaping the new reality. 

How companies are quickly pivoting to limit losses and push toward a more resilient, sustainable, and customer-centric future. 

Difficult conversations in a new market (executive session)

New market conditions require tough conversations – both within your executive team and with your partners.  

ATPCO leads
Jonathan Savitch, Megan Beardsley, & Chris Phillips

0900-1000 EDT

How agile innovation is shaping the new reality

From start-up to sales channel to airline, agility is shaping the new reality of flight shopping. In this session, industry leaders and innovators will describe how their organization had to pivot during these unusual times and share practical advice on how agility can be an asset.

ATPCO leads
Anne Kolodziej & Beth Taylor

0900-1000 EDT

It’s a new world: A region-by-region view

These region-by-region sessions take on the unique challenges and opportunities for markets around the globe. We’ll discuss what is still working and what has to go in order to not only survive but thrive in this new world of flight shopping. 


ATPCO leads 
Sam Lau & Rachael Poh

1000-1100 SGT (29 September 2200 EDT)


ATPCO leads
Chris Phillips & Marcos Alsina de Freitas

1000-1100 BST (0500 EDT) 


ATPCO leads
Doug Sharpe & Mike Schlesinger

1000-1100 EDT

Confusion & chaos: Understanding new consumer sentiment

Interpreting consumer sentiment can create new opportunities. Looking at the latest findings of the consumer research, we will discuss how consumer expectations, behavior, and sentiment have changed and what it will take to reach each traveler in this chaotic state. 

ATPCO leads
Seth Anagnostis & Carrie DeMoss

0900-1000 EDT​

New flight shopping content: Getting from Now to Next (open industry brainstorm)

Discovering the content that's the most relevant for developing retailing strategies.

ATPCO leads
Lisa Kos & Judy Yu
Alex Snape & Destin Sisemore
Zach Wynne & Evaline Gamage
Ellen Runyon & Tyler Ritchey

1000-1100 EDT​

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Why join

Open to all. Our event sessions will focus on near-term flight shopping solutions — from revenue management to retailing and distribution. Leaders from all areas of the industry will share their knowledge and stimulate discussion on the future, for every region in the market. From our table to yours, gather actionable insights to apply to your own organizational success.


Learn how to create and price your offers faster with fewer resources. Absorb real-world flight shopping knowledge from channels to better meet your passenger needs in this new reality. 

Systems and sales channels

Find out what keeps airlines up at night, and find ways to be part of the solution with fresh, strategic flight shopping initiatives. Learn from industry leaders and boost your recovery strategy.

Region by region

You’ll discover both industry-wide insights and actionable applications for each region, since recovery will be unique in every market.

Featured speakers and points-of-view

Check out the growing list of featured perspectives who will be driving conversation at the open industry summit. They'll share their insights throughout the week, through the spotlight session and by helping to facilitate our roundtable discussions. We welcome and encourage everyone to share their voice—if you have something to say, we want to hear it!

Amy Wei
Chief Commercial Officer, KAYAK

Assen Vassilev
Managing Partner, CTW Consulting

Bas Hooft
Distribution Director Merchandising, KLM

Chris Engle
Chief Commercial Officer, Plusgrade

Christian Jobst
Head of Technical Purchase Point Management – Business Travel, Lufthansa Group

Doug Mangold
Vice President, Product, ARC

Eric Hall
Senior Manager Strategy & Channel Relations, Southwest Airlines

Fran Romero
Head of Open Innovation Programs, Amadeus

Janet Hsiao
Director of Product Management, Expedia

Jenny Silber
Senior Associate, Startup Services,

Jorge Sierra
Digital Transformation Manager, LATAM

Leonie Privett
Manager, Commercial Development, Qantas

Linda Abraham
Product Manager, Hopper

Manish Raniga
Vice President, South African Airways

Mitra Sorrells
Senior Reporter, PhocusWire

Mohit Soral
Divisional Vice President Market Operations Worldwide, Emirates

Nina Wittkamp
Associate Partner, McKinsey

Phil Donathy
Senior Product Director, Skyscanner

Raj Singh
Managing Director, Investments, JetBlue Technology Ventures

Robecta Ma
Global Marketing Lead, Transportation, Airbnb

Saniya Shah
CEO, Pilota

Sonia Maldonado
GDS Strategy and Negotiation Manager, Avianca

Tim Lee
Senior Manager Pricing and Merchandising, Singapore Air

Yudong Tan
VP, CTO of the Flight Business Unit,

Register today for your chance to network, discover, and share new customer needs. Together, we can get the world flying again with confidence. 

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