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Outperform with PROS

22 May 2023
24 May 2023
Denver, CO

PROS' passion for profit and revenue optimization in all its glory fuels its three day can’t-miss experience in Denver May 22– 24, featuring unparalleled, in-depth thought leadership, out-of-this-world immersive demos on the latest profit optimization tools and strategies to unlock AI-powered resilient growth in today’s unpredictable market.

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tom gregorson headshot

Tom Gregorson

Chief Strategy Officer

For over 25 years, Tom has been working to develop products that enhance the travel industry. Throughout his career, he has gained insight and provided leadership through his various roles at airlines and global distribution systems, and with ATPCO since 1996. In his current role, Tom leads the Strategy organization and is responsible for creating the long-term vision for ATPCO and exploring new business ventures. His focus is on industry standards and effective ecosystem governance, as well as driving forward concepts like dynamic pricing and tax automation. Tom has built a reputation for being a thought leader and implementer of industry solutions in the distribution space. 

Panel: Architecting the IT ecosystem for Offers & Orders
Decoupling components from the PSS and integrating next-gen tech to design a future-proof retail IT ecosystem - join this session to hear how carriers are rethinking airline IT architecture to prepare for retailing with offers and orders.


Anne Kolodziej headshot

Anne Kolodziej

R&D Product Incubation Manager

With over 28 years of experience in the airline industry, Anne serves as the R&D Product Incubation Manager at ATPCO. During her tenure with ATPCO, she has worked in customer service and product development, supporting initiatives like Technology Transformation and leading the development of ATPCO’s platform for its pricing analysis applications. Currently, Anne is helping to define new standards for Next Generation Storefront as well as supporting innovation with our Bridge Labs program participants.  

bryan trauger headshot

Bryan Trauger

Product Manager

For more than 17 years, Bryan has worked with ATPCO's Product Development and Marketing teams, specializing in data distribution, automated reissues and refunds, and historical and alternate general rules. Bryan led the Technology Transformation Data Distribution and Subscriptions project, a multi-year effort to create the next-generation distribution solution. Before joining ATPCO in 2000, Bryan worked for a corporate travel agency and in United Airlines' reservations department. 

doug sharpe headshot

Doug Sharpe

Regional Director, Americas

A transformational leader and advocate for simplicity, Doug has over 20 years of experience in the travel industry spanning technology, product, marketing, business development, and sales. In his current post as Commercial Director of ATPCO’s accounts in the Americas, Doug leads Partner Success initiatives aimed at unlocking potential value for customers in order to help them meet their goals. Doug is an avid traveler and musician with roots on both the East and West coasts.

shelly runion headshot

Shelly Runion

Lead, Product Development

Shelly Runion is a Lead Product Owner within the Distribution portfolio at ATPCO, with an emphasis on pricing safeguards (including the suppression of sales and Same Day International date logic). With more than 29 years of industry experience, Shelly is an expert on ATPCO core products and distribution.  

rob schorn headshot

Rob  Schorn

Product Director, Offer Creation

Rob leads a talented team helping airlines adapt to evolving customer expectations. They are devoted to giving airlines the power to efficiently leverage ATPCO pricing content to achieve increased benefits from customized offers without disrupting current revenue flows. His team focuses on delivering the critical capabilities required to establish Architect and Express Contracts as essential industry solutions. They also define and develop new content and APIs to accelerate broader community innovation and facilitate industry-wide adoption of customized offers across channels and partners. He started his career in pricing and revenue management roles at Air Canada and WestJet before spending 15 years at SITA in product and portfolio leadership. 

brandon o'connor headshot

Brandon O'Connor

Manager, Partnerships

Brandon’s background in aviation has had a focus on industry innovation and forward-thinking philosophy with a can-do attitude for almost a decade. Presently, he manages the external partnerships that complement ATPCO industry solutions of the now and of the future. Before joining ATPCO, Brandon has managed the NDC Distribution product at Lufthansa Group for the Americas and held various management positions at Delta and Tesla.

djibril dieng headhost

Djibril Dieng

Senior Strategist

Djibril joined ATPCO in 2016 after working at Air Canada as a Distribution Planning Analyst, where he focused on revenue performance and cost efficiency through global distribution strategy. Djibril has held various roles at ATPCO that allowed him to gain insight into the company’s core operations and how they impact airlines and the industry. In his current role, Djibril works to ensure the continued success of ATPCO’s partnerships while constantly seeking to develop new relationships that will lead to the delivery of valuable products for the industry. 

lisa woods

Lisa Woods

Manager, Merchandising Sales Excellence

For over 30 years, Lisa has been a committed travel distribution change advocate and merchandising, retailing strategy, and development pioneer. Throughout her career at major international network airline, OTA, and technology providers, she has provided leadership in GDS distribution, PSS, and NDC technology transformation. Lisa now leads the processes for Routehappy global sales and a team of integration specialists and product experts. Her focus is driving Routehappy standards to support adoption and growth across all distribution channels and methods. 

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