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Product Summit: Distribution Webinar

22 May 2019 - 22 May 2019

Curious about all the changes happening in airline distribution? Leverage more content, more channels, and more opportunities with ATPCO Distribution products. 

In this session, explore 

  • Pricing safeguards through the solution of suppression of sales and future initiatives
  • Implementation plans for new Same Day International date logic
  • New automated reports for your organization 
  • APIs are making a difference—including the new Total Price API
  • The roadmap for development projects we’re working on for you

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Shelly Runion

Lead, Product Development

Shelly Runion is a Lead Product Owner within the Distribution portfolio at ATPCO, with an emphasis on pricing safeguards (including the suppression of sales and Same Day International date logic).  With more than 29 years of industry experience, Shelly is an expert on ATPCO core products and distribution. 


Aparna Madamalla

Product Specialist

Aparna joined ATPCO over seven years ago as a lead for the Data Distribution and Subscriptions project. She is responsible for several product offerings in the Distribution portfolio that encompasses products that are either customer facing, providing rich user experience to API driven solutions to support automation. Her previous experience includes working in the financial services industry where she was a systems analyst developing identity risk management products.


Rachel Acuna

Senior Business Analyst, Products & Solutions

With 19 years of ATPCO knowledge and experience, Rachel now focuses on the development of calculators and engine infrastructure in the Distribution portfolio.  Previously she’s delivered industry solutions in Fare Management and Carrier-Imposed Fees.  Rachel also worked for 13 years in ATPCO’s Product Training department, where she acquired her ATPCO Fares and Rules expertise.  

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