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Product Summit: Retailing Webinar

15 May 2019 - 15 May 2019

Ready to differentiate and improve your bottom line? You can create the great offers and shopping displays that today’s travelers demand with ATPCO Retailing Solutions. 

In this session, discover

  • How ATPCO’s new Retailing Solutions division is creating content and connections to smooth out some of the industry’s thorniest retailing challenges—from pricing all the way through display
  • How expanding one of our rich content types, UTAs (Universal Ticket Attributes), will make it easy for all flight shoppers to understand the key benefits and restrictions of a fare
  • Steps for creating and distributing UTAs, and the free support you’ll have throughout the process.
  • ATPCO’s new UTA Hub, which gives subscribed airlines quicker and more powerful insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their fares. 
  • The roadmap for development projects we’re working on for you

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Megan Beardsley

Head of Airline Retailing

Megan’s focus is helping airlines create and leverage rich content that can be used to modernize flight shopping displays on direct or indirect sales channels. Her team provides merchandising strategy services, content integration support, and facilitation for multi-airline projects such as creating shared merchandising content about codeshared flights. Megan joined the airline industry in 2017, after 20+ years in senior strategic, creative, and digital roles at marketing and advertising agencies, and hasn't looked back. She grew up in France, studied in the US, France, and Germany, and is delighted to be working with clients around the world.


Carrie DeMoss

Head of Sales Channel Retailing

Carrie joined ATPCO in 2006 and has led the marketing and development of ATPCO’s Ancillary Revenue Solutions, Optional Services, and Branded Fares as well as Reissues and Refunds. Today, Carrie’s passion for airline retailing continues as she leads the Sales Channel Retailing team to address the needs of global air travel retailers. Before joining ATPCO in 2006, Carrie spent 11 years with American Airlines and almost 10 years at Sabre, where she focused on fares and pricing development.


Mandira Roy

Product Manager, Retailing Solutions (Catalogue)

With over 15 years in cutting-edge software engineering (including 6+ years at ATPCO), Mandira brings a rich and unique perspective of cross-functional collaboration to both technology and product development. She has successfully led Optional Services, Branded Fares, and NDC initiatives and has provided relevant insights to proactively identify airline needs. She currently focuses on innovations for existing ancillaries products to help airlines become world-class retailers and to improve flight shopping for millions of consumers.

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