How to make MarketView work for you

4 Oct 2018 | 10:00 AM and 08:00 PM EST

Being responsible for pricing decisions is really stressful. We get it. At ATPCO, we know that you would rather be analyzing your markets than spending hours gathering and sorting through data just to get to the relevant details you need.

On 9 September, ATPCO introduced the enhanced MarketView solution that offers the flexibility to view airline pricing data your way. Whether you want only the lowest fares in a market or the entire fare range, the total product price or all the individual components, you can access it all quickly in just one search using this easy-to-use tool.

Join us for a one-hour MarketView tutorial webinar to learn:

  • How to easily check market conditions every day to make sure your products are competitive
  • How to quickly identify unintended total price differences that are vital to protecting your revenue
  • How to take advantage of a one-query access to pricing data elements summarized and packaged together into a meaningful product your traveler sees
  • How to access and download a customizable summary view of the market prices with the breakdown of individual pricing components to support your internal analysis needs

Submit your own use case via and we will include it in a live product demonstration during the webinar!


  • Will Linderman - Product Manager, Monitoring & Analysis, ATPCO

    Will Linderman has 15 years of airline industry experience specializing in fare management and airline business process life cycle solutions. During his career at ATPCO, Will has led product development to deliver multiple monitoring and analysis and airline pricing content solutions to facilitate total product management. Will is passionate about ensuring ATPCO MarketView is the best source of real-time competitive pricing data, providing airlines the flexibility to view it your way for faster, smarter pricing decisions.

  • Clara Lee - Senior Business Analyst at ATPCO

    For the last five years, Clara has been a part of ATPCO Monitoring and Analysis team, specializing in working closely with airlines and industry partners to shape a MarketView solution and identify key requirements, including the ability to run data searches for multiple airlines and markets, analyze total prices and fare structures, and gain visibility to a full market picture, not just what’s currently selling.