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World Aviation Festival

23 September 2020
25 September 2020

ATPCO is a proud sponsor at the World Aviation Festival, in its new virtual event platform.  

Join us as the global aviation industry to comes together and learns how to survive and thrive in a post COVID-19 world. Topics will include artificial intelligence, retailing, loyalty, digital technology, airport tech, passenger experience, and much more, catering to every part of the aviation and travel ecosystem. 

Meet with ATPCO in our virtual booth! Talk with our industry professionals to learn more about how we are leading industry recovery and offering solutions for retailing, distribution, and offers. 


jonathan savitch atpco

Jonathan Savitch

Chief Commercial Officer

Jonathan joined ATPCO from Routehappy, which was acquired in 2018. Building upon over 20 years’ experience in the aviation industry, Jonathan leads all commercial activities. He is focused on developing a more agile commercial process at ATPCO to accelerate adoption of our strategic objectives: Retailing, NDC, and Offer Management. With a passion for helping airlines de-commoditize flight shopping to get the right products in front of consumers, Jonathan spent 15 years selling in-flight entertainment and connectivity to airlines. He is also a reformed lawyer, having earned his Doctorate in Law from Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville.


23 September 2020 @ 11:00 EDT

PANEL: How will the pandemic impact the distribution landscape and what will be the strategies going forward?

  • What impact will the crisis have on travel distribution and the development of NDC?
  • Why personalisation and direct engagement will become essential to the recovery? 
  • How do we plan in a more agile way to ensure that we come out of this crisis in a better shape? 
  • Is this the time to accelerate your NDC strategy?

24 September 2020 @ 08:50 EDT

PANEL: How can airlines find retail growth in a time of survival?

  • How can airlines use this crisis to reimagine their digital customer journeys?
  • What are the technologies that will provide us with a more complete retail experience?
  • How will long lasting changes in the industry impact the retailing experience?
  • Why will retailing at an increasingly personal level will become essential?


tom gregorson atpco

Tom Gregorson

Chief Strategy Officer

beth taylor atpco

Beth Taylor

Head of Marketing

chris phillips atpco

Chris Phillips

Head of Global Sales & Accounts

seth anagnostis atpco

Seth Anagnostis

Head of Global Sales

graham wareham atpco

Graham Wareham

Director, Business Development - NDC & Partnership

megan beardsley atpco

Megan Beardsley

Head of Airline Retailing

doug sharpe atpco

Doug Sharpe

Director, Pricing Portfolio

will linderman atpco

Will Linderman

Director, Global Sales

marcos alsina atpco

Marcos Alsina de Freitas

Manager, Global Sales

anne kolodziej atpco

Anne Kolodziej

Product Manager - NGS

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