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World Aviation Festival

26 September 2023
28 September 2023
Lisbon, Portugal

The World Aviation Festival is a conference and an exhibition. The event is for the leaders of the world’s airlines, airports and their most senior executives in charge of software, services, marketing and distribution. In 2023 we are moving to Lisbon to bring our community of 7,000 global executives together once again to be inspired by 500 speakers over 3 incredible days.

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chris phillips headshot

Chris Phillips

Vice President, Global Sales

Chris joined ATPCO in October 2019, bringing over 25 years of commercial airline and consulting experience. His background in supporting effective commercial strategies complements the emerging airline pricing and retail models enabled by ATPCO. Chris brings his passion for helping the travel industry de-commoditize its commercial model to his new role. Before joining ATPCO, Chris held leadership positions at Delta Air Lines and Four Corners Consulting Group.

Panel: What is the future of the PSS, tech monoliths and how do we begin to truly innovate in airline retailing?

  • As the break-up from legacy tech accelerates how will a increasingly modular approach combined with the more traditional tech monoliths emerge? 
  • In what way does the DCS need to be adapted to meet future expectations or is a completely different solution required? 
  • As we continue to layer on more options Into the booking flow how do we do so without adding unnecessary complexity for our customers? 
  • After Google took a step back on Flights what implications will this have on airlines, GDS’ and travelers?
zach wynne headshot

Zachary Wynne

Director, Partner Success

Zachary has 15 years’ experience leading commercial transformation projects at airlines around the world. In his current role, Zachary facilitates dialog with ATPCO’s airline and technology partners, helping to make modern airline retailing a reality. His special focus areas include deployment of airline rich content, pricing and revenue management automation, and distribution modernization. Before this role, Zachary filled several roles at ATPCO in consulting services, analytics, and marketing. As an American based in Europe, Zachary is an avid traveler who enjoys discovering new destinations with his family. In addition to his native English, Zachary also speaks fluent German and conversational Russian, Spanish, and Hungarian. 

Schedule, Price, Carbon; how does the display, distribution, and relevance of airlines offers change in an era of sustainability?
27 September from 1120 - 1200


asma raja headshot

Asma Raja

Partner Success Director, EMEA

For six years, Asma has been working with airline and system partners in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and supports them with new products and solutions. Asma’s long-held service with ATPCO started in 2001 as a tariff analyst. Asma’s knowledge grew as she continued in her role, and quickly enough, Asma became a Senior Tariff Analyst and later Customer Support Consultant, dealing with complicated topics such as automated reissues and refunds and RBD coding. Before joining the EMEA’s Commercial team, Asma held the post of Senior Product Support Specialist assisting teams in all areas of coding and customer services. 

marcos alsina de freitas headshot

Marcos Alsina de Freitas

Retailing Sales Director, EMEA

Marcos has worked the last 25 years in several commercial positions at GDSs and ATPCO. His experience ranges from running the pricing and data distribution department at Transbrasil and working in the pricing platform at Sabre, to teaching all ATPCO products, to running the EMEA & Central Asia Sales and Customer Marketing division, to developing retailing activities in the same region. His current focus is transforming offer presentation to unlock true airline retailing, where clear, well-articulated, visually presented offers are made available to passengers wherever they are shopping. Marcos holds an MBA degree on Information Technology and Management from the University of California UCI, Irvine and FGV. 

charles hunt headshot

Charles Hunt

Senior Account Executive, Pricing Sales

Charles has over 24 years’ experience in the commercial aviation industry and joined ATPCO in January 2022. His experience is in reservations, pricing/ecommerce strategy and airline distribution management. Prior to joining ATPCO, Charles held senior positions at bmi (British Midland International) and SITA.

john murphy headshot

John Murphy

President, Core Business

John joined ATPCO in 2001. He crafts the vision for the company’s use of technology – from maintaining ATPCO’s reputation as an industry innovator to understanding how new technologies can be harnessed to enable new business capabilities. He is responsible for leading technology strategy, infrastructure and operations, security, systems design and development, and innovation. John has an extensive background in all aspects of Enterprise IT leadership and management and provides solutions to customers both internal and external. John is an innovator and entrepreneur in tech and sits on the board of a start-up network hardware company specializing in the cloud-based control and monetization of networks. 

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