Global Distribution Systems

Get the right data, and get it from one place

As the single source for the most reliable and accurate airline content around the world, we provide GDSs with comprehensive and up-to-date airfare and fare-related data. Our database is composed of public, private, and IATA data from more than 400 airlines.

Be confident in the data that powers your business

Build your systems on the world’s most complete and most robust fare data.

Spare your resources while broadening your reach

Get data from more than 400 airlines, all in one place.

Go beyond the fare

Tickets are so much more than just fares--get fees, taxes, and ancillary data from the same place you get everything else.

Solutions for Global Distribution Systems

New Distribution Capability (NDC)
Taxes & Fees
Fares & Rules Data
Ancillaries & Fees Data
Tax Data
Data Platform Services